Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Orioles: yankees Lite

When did the Orioles turn into the yankees? Not in terms of win-loss record, of course, but I think this franchise has decided to follow the yankee mold of crappiness.

When Javy Lopez homered off of Pedro on Opening Night, did you hear the yankee stadium-esque siren blaring? And what was with the fans showing life and getting all over Pedro--when the yanks are in town they sit there in quiet awe. But maybe that's because of the fact that their team lays down and dies for the yankees repeatedly.

And what with Ripken tutoring A-Rod on how to play third, and Joe Torre calling up Mazzilli before the season to wish his little apprentice luck, this team is becoming a sister-squad of the yankees.

But I've got more. Last year, me and Pat went to Camden Yards, and a suspicious thing happened. The scoreboard started to flash the score of the yanks game, which was in progress. I think they were playing Oakland. We see, "Oakland 2..." So everyone cheered, assuming they were ahead of the yanks. (I say 'everyone' because there were so many New Englanders there, it was a home game for the Sox) Then they flash the rest of the score: "yankees 6" What?? That's right, they knew that 60% of the crowd was Sox fans, and just to piss us off, they deceive the entire ball park. The O's fans loved that one. First of all, that's just not right. When you're at a Major League Baseball game, shouldn't the scores of the other games be given in a fair manner? It's not like it's "Guess the Attendance." Second of all, aren't the Orioles supposed to be chasing the yankees, like we are? Why would they be rooting for a non-division opponent to beat the team they're trying to catch in the standings?

On Bambino's Curse, Ed talks about an a-hole Oriole fan he had to deal with on Tuesday. I think I saw this same guy when I was there:) They really like to fight, those O's fans. The guy and his buddies at one of the games we were at were really aggressive. And this wasn't in the cheap seats, either. But that's just a few bad kiwis in the bunch, as I know some fine upstanding O-Birds fans as well.


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