Sunday, April 04, 2004

Opening Day

If you haven't read Frank DeFord's ridiculous piece of garbage yet, read it here: GARBAGE. Right away you get the gist of the whole article: It's not a rivalry when one team wins all the time. (See my March 20th post.) I thought of those T-shirts yankee fans wear that show the number of championships each team has won, and then says, "What Rivalry?" Wow, what a brilliant article, it's based on a bootleg T-shirt. So my next thought, naturally, was, Hey, that's almost as bad as writing an article based on those "Babe Bucky Buckner Boone" shirts. And sure enough, partially due to the fact that SI.Com highlights proper names in their articles, the next thing I see is those four names. This is like sportswriting for kids. Seriously, it's like reading some elementary school "sports page". In other news, Mr. Zoppi is making us run 20 laps in gym class. No fair!

Anyway, I had my mom read this article and she had a great quote about it: "Remind me, when I'm pushing eighty, to not write anything for public consumption."

Speaking of my mom, it's Opening Day, which always brings back memories of sprinting from the school bus to my house, where my mom would be waiting with a score update, and then I'd get to catch the end of the game. Thanks, mom. (It's on Sunday night this year, I get to see the whole game!)


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