Friday, April 09, 2004

Magic # Thru 4/9: 158

The bad news is: We're now an under .500 team. I'm not worried, though, especially because of the good news, which is that the yanks are already showing signs of weakness. Any combination of just 158 Red Sox wins and yankee losses, and we beat 'em. The yanks are also committing early-90s-yankees-style blunders. Keep rooting for chaos in the Bronx, everybody. The phony dynasty MUST be toppled.

Here's a quote from Bob Raissman's article (New York Daily News) about opening day at yankee Stadium:

"On the radio it wasn't enough listeners could hear the crowd go wild when Alex Rodriguez stepped to the plate for the first time in his Yankee Stadium debut. Pompous Inc., aka John Sterling and Charley Steiner, felt compelled to verbally dip this moment in bronze, like two doting mothers preserving their babies' first pair of shoes. 'If you were a player like A-Rod wouldn't you want to give your all to these fans?' Sterling asked. 'Now, he (A-Rod) is a Yankee.' In Japan, was A-Rod a sushi chef?"

Read the rest here. This article sums up what I've been sayin' about the yankees. (Thanks to my dad, for bringing this article to my attention.)

Another example of the pomposity of Sterling: Today I heard parts of the Sox game and parts of the yanks game on the radio. In each game, I heard a great defensive play described. When Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Trupiano announced the play he saw, he let the audience know what a great play it was, and basically showed that he was impressed with the skills displayed by the fielder. In the yankees game, when John Sterling made his call, the impression I got was that Sterling felt proud, not just of Derek Jeter, who made the play, but of himself, for being THE person who got to tell "the world" about this play, which he, simply by being there, made happen. Make it so, Sterlingius proclaimed, his voice booming from high on Olympus... Anyway, if you've never heard anything from Sterling beyond, "It is high, it is far...", trust me, it gets worse. He's not as bad as Michael Kay, though. At least with Kay being on the television side now, I can turn his voice off and still watch the game. And Charlie Steiner, god and baby jesus, that guy is clueless. At least those other two know a little bit about the basics of announcing a baseball game. Steiner will leave you hanging for what seems like five minutes, leaving you to try to guess what's going on on the play by judging the crowd noise. You know SOMETHING'S going on down on the field, and Charlie knows, but he ain't tellin'...


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