Sunday, April 25, 2004

Just Shizzirts

When you work at office with a lot of yankee fans, the key game in a Sox-yanks weekend series is the Sunday game.

When the yankees win the Sunday game, all their "fans" come in with their yankee t-shirts on. And I, therefore, don't get to wear mine (as determined by the rules in my head).

Lately, the Sox have been losing that all important Sunday game. It happened a few times over the last few years, where they'll win the first two games, but lose the third, giving the yankee fans the "right" to come in gloating on Monday morning.

Even last weekend, the Sox took 3 out of 4, but they lost the Sunday game. And since Monday's game was at 11:05, everyone knew the result of that game by the end of that day (or should've known, I know that not all the yankee fans did). So wearing my Sox gear on Tuesday didn't have the same effect. I should've brought a Sox T-shirt with me on Monday, and then changed in to it when the game ended. Damn! I gotta remember that should the situation arise in a future year.

But this weekend, not only did I get to experience the ecstasy of seeing the Sox sweep the yanks right out of their own building, I have also gained T-shirt bragging rights until June 29th! (--The next time the teams get together.) But hopefully we'll be so far ahead of them it won't even matter.

The maic number is down to 140 thru 4/25.

(Thanks, Lys, for the title of this post. You are the master of the triple enchilada, I mean...)


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