Monday, April 05, 2004

I Love Pedro Martinez

A caller on the FAN in NYC today was whining about how Pedro doesn't have it anymore, and all he does is intimidate people. "He drilled Segui!", he said. The hosts, Mac & Sid, two Met fans who should be way more anti-yankee than they are, did a fairly good job of telling the guy he was being ridiculous, but they did point out that after Pedro gives up a home run, someone's gonna pay.

Okay, last night's "incident," of Pedro hitting Diego Segui was an accident, nothing more. Didn't anyone who didn't know already find out like a week ago that Pedro and Segui have been friends at least since 1995-7, when they were teammates in Montreal? And was it the batter after the home run? No. Why would he wait a batter, just so he could hit his good friend? Also, Joe Morgan on ESPN2 pointed out correctly that the pitch got away from Pedro in the same spot as a pitch earlier in the game. (Only a righty was up, so nobody got hurt.) Another article which proves that the two are friends can be found here. This is from the Sporting News circa 2000, and also gives a good impression of the non-start day Pedro.

Then today, I read Shaughnessy's article about last night's performance, and do you know he said the same thing as Mac & Sid said: Someone had to pay. And he makes no reference to the fact that Pedro and Segui are buddies. And while at bambino's curse, I saw an excerpt from a Washington Post article that said that Pedro has nothing left but intimidation. These two writers said the same two dumb things that the caller and the hosts said on the FAN. People need to, well, I'm gonna quote Kurt Cobain here, after all, he's been gone 10 years as of today: "Hate your enemies, Save your friends, Find your place, Speak the truth"

Does that make any sense?

The Boston media is as bad as the New York media, but for much different reasons. Most of these Boston sportswriters just want to stir up crap, and want to see the Red Sox lose. And I'm getting frustrated, and I'm starving.

Oh, and apparently New Haven is getting NESN now, so congrats to you in NH, hopefully I'm next...


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