Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Holy Roller......And It Kicks Foul

Went to Brooklyn with Lys last night, where she played a show at Pete's Candy Store, and the only comments I got about my Sox hat were positive ones. One friend who lives down there noted that every Sox fan she meets is a die-hard. A guy I met from the band Joss, who I'd never heard of or seen before, was happy to see a Sox hat, saying he likes to root for the underdog, and/or anyone but the yanks.

I also had a nice conversation with a friend named Mark, who's a "good" Mets fan. (Not the type who roots for the yanks come October.) I thought of two points that I'd, naturally, made before, but had never fully connected the two. Those being the thing about "Steinbrenner always does what it takes to win," and the hilarity that is Andy Pettitte's leaving the yanks (and them giving 46 to Donovan Osborne right away.)

So the connection is:

To the people that say that George ALWAYS does what it takes to win, and ALWAYS spends the money necessary to win, remember, George let ANDY PETTITTE walk. Ask any yankee fan if they'd trade A-Rod for Pettitte right now. You'd hear many a "yes," my friend.

I remember hearing Cashman defending himself about the Pettitte thing, acting like they made a nice offer, and he turned it down. The point is, we know George has money, and when it came time to re-sign the BEST pitcher on their staff, who was a very key player in all their four championships, where was George? Did he not offer "whatever it would have taken" because he thought Pettitte was a dtriment to the team? Or did he let personal reasons get in the way of winning? The answer is no secret.

This brings up another point. I probably am repeating myself now, but: Hopefully, more and more players will start to choose their teams for reasons OTHER than money (or "to win ballgames," which really means "to join a team that was already winning ballgames" . Anybody who's played ONE year in the majors is pretty much set for life financially. So I'm hoping that soon no one will want to play for Steinbrenner, because they'll actually care that he's not a good person, and figure out that it's more fun when winning is a challenge than when it's a near certainty.

Also, I've heard that devout Christian-types are offended about people calling Johnny Damon "Jesus," because of his beard and long hair.

First of all, lighten the hell up. Right now.

Second of all, Jesus didn't look like that anyway, just like god doesn't wear a white robe and sit on a cloud.

Third of all, I'm glad Christians are offended, maybe they'll learn a lesson: It hurts when people mock your religious beliefs and the way you look. Now you know how people of EVERY OTHER religion feel on a daily basis. If there was no religion, we wouldn't have these problems.

(Hey, I bet Andy Pettitte would be offended.) See how I came full circle there? Huh?

Meanwhile, I'm just 12 hours or so from being at MY church, Fenway Park.


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