Sunday, April 25, 2004

The hata'z

There seems to be a faction of Red Sox Nation which is very against the idea of spending too much time on worrying about and/or hating the yankees. From "Manny doesn't 'hate the yankees.' Like most Sox fans, he's just bored with them." (Referring to what Manny was saying on, about it being more important to win it all than to beat the yanks.)

As a life long yankee hater, I'd say I'm definitely BORED with their crap, and want to see it end as much as anybody. But I'm not going to stop hating them.

I've been rooting against this team ever since I can remember. I've grown up in an area where all their games are on TV, and it's really fun for me to watch their games, and root for the other team, whether the yanks are in the World Series or in last place.

On a Henry Rollins spoken word album, Henry talks about how he has no time for hatred, and that when you hate someone, you're already giving too much of yourself to them. I agree. But then, after explaining that for a few minutes, he says, "but I f***in' HATE Edie Brickell!" (This album was from the early nineties.) The point being that unless it's a divine hatred, it shouldn't even be worth your time.

So the yankees are my Edie Brickell, I guess.

So for anyone who thinks you're less of a Sox fan if you're spending your time hating the yanks, remember, we're Sox fans because we love our Sox. Period. You can be a yankee hater and not care about the Sox. But I think it would be stupid to not relate with those people. Hatred of the yanks can bring Sox fans and neutral fans (or former yankee fans) together.

I think I can sum this all up with a quote from myself. This is something I posted on RedSoxNation.Net, in response to some people saying that "yankees suck!" is an old and tired phrase, and that we Sox fans should stop saying it:

"...while I know exactly what everybody means by not wanting to hear "yankees suck," all the time, as someone who lives down here in Southwest CT, there's something awesome about being at Fenway Park, and just reveling in the fact that the 35,000 people around all HATE the yankees, and that I'm not alone.

Plus, saying it is not judging the yanks on win-loss record, [it is so far this year, though, heh heh. Come to think of it, will these non-'yankees suck' people say it's okay to say it when the yanks are in last place?] but on everything else about them and how they cheat and buy their way to victory.

All these yankee "fans" around here truly believe that they are special, (not to mention the players as they put on the holy, majectic pinstripes). I say we keep reminding them that they're NOT."


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