Monday, April 05, 2004

Good Signs For Connecticut

Well, the magic number stayed at 162. Schill will get 'em on Tuesday.

A couple of Connecticut related items:

1. The Red Sox gained a new radio affiliate down in Greenwich, in extreme Southwest CT-1490 AM. I don't think it will come in any better than TIC in Hartford for me here in Danbury, but it's a good sign that the team actually made a strong move to gain more listeners, not only in Fairfield County, but Westchester County in New York as well. Maybe NESN isn't far behind for us Fairfielders.

2. After tonight's game, I flipped on Mike'd Up, Mike Francessa's weekly sports show on the New York NBC station. He had his buddy Mad Dog on with him, as they did the show live from the Final Four in San Antonio. Behind them was a rowdy group of drunken UConn fans, who were loud enough to distract Mike and the Mad Dog several times. (Although I was born and raised in CT, I never was a UConn fan--and neither was anyone else before they got good.) So these fans are yelling and chanting and reacting to everything that was said, and then as Mike is throwing it to a commercial, he says, happily, "We saw a Red Sox loss tonight..." Although I only had a split second, I anxiously awaited the reaction of this group of Connecticut kids. And I was surprised and delighted. It was mostly "Awwwwwwww" and "Boooo" with one audible whistle that I think was pro-yankee. I think the tide is turning, ever so slowly.

CT must become Red Sox Na--, you know, Territory.


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