Monday, April 26, 2004

A Day Of Early Season Rejoicing

None of the yankee fans dared wear their yankee shirts to work today. In fact, they avoided me completely. I saw a guy today with a Red Sox hat, shirt, and license plate. One of those kind that just say "Red Sox" for the front of your car, not a real license plate with the Red Sox logo. You can't get those in CT. You CAN get a Red Sox (or any other team's) logo on your plate in NY State, though. I've sent an email to the DMV of CT, I'll let you know what they say. I also was nearly jumping for joy when I saw a guy with a Varitek shirt dumping garbage in our apartment's dumpster, which I can see out my window. Normally, I'd have been pissed, because I don't think he lives in our "dumpster zone," but maybe he just moved in. But either way, he had a VARITEK shirt on! In Danbury, CT, this is very rare.

So the Sox fans are out in full force after the sweep. And two yankee fans I know told me they think the Sox will win it all.

And my friend Harry, aka Seamus, told me that he went to the city--that's what they call New York City around here--on Friday, and on the train, the conductor said "Have a nice day, enjoy the game, go Red Sox." He also said the train had equal yankee and Red Sox fans. Ha!

Last year, at the Stadium--that's what they call yankee Stadium around here--I saw a cop harassing Freddy, that old dude who walks around with his "Freddy Sez" sign at the Stadium, telling him that the yankees suck. He then saw my shirt and told me how he was from Boston, and just ended up a New York cop, but is still a Sox fan.

I just found out about Riviera's Cafe in Greenwich Village. It's an NYC Red Sox bar. I can't believe I didn't know until now. I can't wait to go.

This is so great, what yankee fans are going through right now. They're so embarrassed after we came in there, swept them, with our fans getting around George's ban on group sales, to still fill about 60% of the stadium, chanting "Let's Go Red Sox" and "Bal-co" for the entire series. Hey yankee fans: Tickets went on sale in NOVEMBER. YOU could've bought them all up. But you choose to wait 'til October to pay attention. Oh, sorry, except for when you bought up all the tickets we didn't already have when you got A-Rod. Isn't this all working out lovely?

When the season ended last year, and I mean the MOMENT it ended, I didn't yell or curse or anything. I just said "I'd rather have our guys anyway. We'll win that division by ten games next year," and went to sleep--for about 16 hours. That was before all the off-season stuff, but we're almost halfway to that ten mark, and we've only played 18 games. Awesome.

About the games: Funny how when Jeter reached the point of his longest career streak without a hit, the YES, or as I call it, the Hell No Network put the graphic up 1 second after he was put out. Like they had it all ready to go before he actually broke his little record. They could've waited a few seconds to make it look like they checked to see if he got a hit before typing up the stat. And then Jeter got his ass booed. That was sweet. And today on my way to work, there was a new billboard on the side of the road, for yankee baseball on WLAD, our local radio station--which USED TO have the Sox on in the mid-90s--with a huge picture of Jeter on it. Nice timing, people.

Millar's diving catch was extra sweet because Michael Kay was making fun of his defensive skills all weekend.

Pedro's key performance will now be etched in the minds of yankee fans for a few months. They've been accusing him of basically being a mediocre pitcher for years now. Hopefully they won't forget this one--against "Murderer's Row '04," as I heard it called in the preseason.

Kay referred to the series as "Armageddon Part Two" during the intro to Game One. I don't even know what to say about that.

It's actually funny to hear Paul O'Neill rip Michael Kay in the booth. Turns out O'Neill is good for something after all. He basically makes fun of Kay for never having played, like O'Neill and the third wheel in the booth, Jim Kaat. When they were talking about how it's the fan's right to boo, Kay said he booed as a kid in yankee Stadium. O'Neill said, "You probably hid in the upper deck so no one knew it was you." This guy knows Kay as well as I do!

Kaat and Francessa already said it, but: Sheffield swinging for the fences with two out and none on in the ninth, down by two, sums up the 2004 yankees. And someone, Don LaGreco I think, on ESPN radio noted, "The Red Sox filled their holes in the off-season; the yankees just bought toys." So true.

Finally, here's something that tells you all you need to know about Michael Kay:

O'Neill: "What number did you wear growing up?"
Kay: "Number one."

He said it was because his favorite player, Bobby Murcer wore one. But why do I get the feeling that WHOEVER wore number one would've been young Mike's fave?

A Red Sox sweep of the yanks, the Knicks swept out of the playoffs, and one million pro-choicers rallying at the Capitol in DC. One of my all time best weekends.

Bring on the Devil Rays. Finally. Maybe they'll be more of a challenge than those pathetic yankees were....


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