Thursday, April 08, 2004

Cases Against Conformity

I hate how all the MLB sites are connected to each other. If you go to some other team's site besides the Red Sox', you'll see how it's laid out exactly the same. As Sir Mix-A-Lot once said, "I ain't down with that."

Here's where problems arise because of it: On the Sox' site right now, there's a button offering fans to bid on a Bill Buckner/Mookie Wilson autographed photo of the moment when the ball went through Billy Buck's legs. I know I don't need to say any more. But I will say: "Why did Buckner sign that picture anyway? How many more did he sign?"

Anyway, I'm sure this is on there because anything MLB is auctioning probably automatically shows up on the site of the team or teams involved. But sweet Gedman, you'd think somebody would have caught this goof.

In other nonconformity news, how sweet was it that Johnny Damon went 5-for-5 AND robbed a homerun last night?

On Hench's Hardball on dirtdogs, Hench asks if anyone else noticed that Johnny's "a step slower" this year. The answer is yes, ESPN's Jon Miller, on Opening Night. He said it repeatedly, and said it was due to the way he looks with his hair. I can't believe Hench took this half-joking statement and acted like it was his own observation, and that it had some kind of merit. Like you could tell from one game if a guy is slower than he was the year before. Anyway, I love Damon, and his hair, and his super duper speed. I'm proud of my 1st place team.


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