Thursday, April 22, 2004

Affleck Nation

So Ben Affleck has become the "spokesman" for Red Sox Nation. And Sox fans are pissed.

If someone, who has the ability to speak to the press whenever he wants, decides to profess his love of the Red Sox, and bad mouth the yankees, then I think they should. So I have no problem with what Ben Affleck does or says.

I think the real reason people are mad is NOT because he misrepresents us, but because he's Ben Affleck, and if you like Ben Affleck--in the minds of macho dudes everywhere--you're automatically a homosexual.

If it was DeNiro, or anyone from Reservoir Dogs, I don't think people would mind so much.

To me, the people who are really offended by Affleck in this situation, are like the coffee drinkers where I work. Maybe you can relate. These coffee addicts get FREE coffee every day. I drink orange juice. Do I get an unlimited supply of free orange juice at work? No. But if I did,I'd appreciate it, and just drink it without complaining. And if it was absolutely undrinkable, I'd BUY MY OWN. We just got a new coffee machine at work. It's very fancy looking, and offers all different kinds of coffee. My boss pays for this. I'm not big on defending authority, but my boss is nice, and gives the whole office FREE coffee. Today, within ten minutes of the machine's debut, the complaints were flying in. I wanted to go up to people and say, "Please stop complaining about your FREE coffee."

I just heard about a study that concluded that the reason most people drink coffee is not because of the positive things about it, but to avoid the negatives of NOT having it.

The point is, I see Affleck as my brand new orange juice machine, stocked with a lifetime supply of FREE OJ. Whoa, I said "Free OJ." Anyway, whenever Ben rips Steinbrenner, that's an amazing OJ. When he says something stupid, well, it's still FREE orange juice--meaning at least it's a public figure saying positive things about the Red Sox. And that's a good thing.

And whether you like his movies or not, you have to admit he's earned the right to speak to the media whenever he wants. He made movies, people (somewhere) saw them, and he made millions of dollars, he's famous, and when he talks, like when anyone famous talks, people (albeit often against their will) hear him.

So if you really want to tell everyone what Sox fans are REALLY like, do whatever you gotta do, and get your message out.

Ironically, Dirt Dog's complaining a lot about this, and meanwhile, who's the unelected "spokesman" for Sox fans on the internet?


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