Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Truth About A-Rod And Dogs

About this whole A-Rod fiasco... I hear a lot of Sox fans, and media people in general saying things like, "The y*nks just do what it takes", and "Hey, they didn''t break any rules". And they blame the Red Sox ownership for NOT doing what it takes to get A-Rod. Well I don't buy any of it, and I'll defend our ownership and blame everyone else involved.

Think of it like this:

There's this guy, let's call him... Boston McGee. Boston works with 30 or so people every day. He's got his little group of friends, and eats lunch with them, it's cool. There's this one guy they all hate, we'll call him George. George always gets what he wants, including the ladies, he knows how to buy his way into their hearts. So one day, a new person shows up at work--Alexis Ranger. She becomes part of Boston's group of friends. Eventually Boston reveals to the group that he has a crush on Alexis. Word leaks out, and soon everone knows. Including Alexis--and George. Boston learns that Alexis is smitten with him upon hearing of his desire for her. Inevitably, Boston and Alexis go out on a date. And then another. Everyone in the group is happy that Boston and Alexis are off to a good start. Boston likes Alexis, and sees that she feels bad for him when he tells her about all the hell George has put him through. Like stealing his girlfriends, telling lies about him to the boss, etc. Alexis says she doesn't like George either.

But even though Alexis is a nice, beautiful girl with a great personality, Boston has a different opinion than Alexis on one issue. And because of that, he just can't take the next step to start a relationship with her. He knows that all his friends would be happy for him, and he'd probably have fun with Alex, but this one issue is one he just can't change his position on. He knows that if he did, he would just be delaying the inevitable problems that this would bring on, and that wouldn't be fair to anyone.
So, knowing that there's nothing he or she could do to get them together for real, he makes the decision that what they started could not continue.

Then, on Valentine's Day, while sitting at Ted's in Meriden, Connecticut, (home of the steamed cheese)Boston hears from an announcer on a women's basketball game on the tv that it looks like Alexis might be going out with GEORGE.


That's right, as soon as George heard that thinks weren't gonna work out between Boston and Alex, he swooped right in, opening the door for her and buying her candy and flowers and jewelry without even really getting to know her at all. And she fell for it, and forgot all about Boston.

The end.

Now, I don't know what kind of person you are, but I personally react to the situation this way:

1. George is an A-HOLE. Yeah, he didn't break any rules, not the kind that can be written out with pen and paper, anyway. If that's what's called "having what it takes," then I hope I never have it.
2. Alexis is just as bad. 3. Boston DID do what he had to do to stay true to himself and just tried to bring about the best possible results after considering all factors invovled.

Steinbrenner can kiss my butt.


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