Monday, March 01, 2004

Spring is in the you know where...

Today was the warmest day of the year so far in New England (60 degrees). And despite what MLB tells me, I DO live in New England. But I can't get NESN because I'm in Fairfield county, the ONE county in New England deemed outside of NESN's territory--but that's another post that would be long enough to possibly shut down the internet. Anyway, of all the cheesy phrases that get thrown around way too much, that "Spring is in the air" one really does affect me. Well, I guess all the weather ones do. But if you're a baseball fan, you know about that special feeling you get on that first springlike day, when just stepping outside, you can smell the house you grew up in and you can hear Ken Coleman's scratchy voice in your head. And you know that this year, without a doubt, is THE year. You know that you said that last year, but this year, this is the one. Why else would it be so warm today? Who wants to play catch?


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