Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Only "B"'s Are On Their Hats

Don't ask me why I thought of this, but.....

Varitek, Millar, Reese, Garciaparra, Mueller, Ramirez, Damon, Nixon, Ortiz. The starting nine, and not one letter B in their names. And the pitchers--Martinez, Schilling, Lowe, Wakefield, Arroyo. And now Folke.
No B's.
That's how I know Reese will make it ahead of Bellhorn, no B.
And to take it one step further, check out the first names. Only Bill Mueller has a B.
So I think Youkillis will be coming up to replace Bill soon, but for now we'll just call him William Mueller. And why do you think Bronson and Byung-yun are having problems securing that 5th spot? It's the B's, man.

Maybe it's just not that common a letter, it is worth 3 in Scrabble.......


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