Thursday, March 11, 2004

Once a y*nkee...

Can someone please tell me the criteria a player must meet in order to be considered "always a y*nkee"?

Clemens said when he decided to play for the Astros that he'd always be a y*nkee. Today on the FAN, y*nks GM Brian Cashman said that Andy Petitte will always be a y*nkee. So there are two current Astros who are really y*nkees, depending on who you ask. There's something wrong with this premise.

The guy who played his first 8 or so seasons with the y*nkees, only to be treated like dirt by the boss, and be allowed to get away in his prime, and will probably pitch at least that many years with HOUSTON (and maybe others later) is always a y*nkee.

And the guy who played his first 8 or so seasons with the RED SOX, and then left and had two of his best years with the BLUE JAYS, before going to the y*nkees for a few years just so he could get a ring, and then "retire" because he wanted to go out as a y*nkee, but then plays the next year for HOUSTON, is always a y*nkee.

Interesting how the guy that y*nkee fans don't like right now is trying to latch on to that y*nkee "mystique," while the team itself is trying to hang it on the guy the fans do like.

New rule: you're only a player for the team you're currently on. Choose your one special team after you retire. (I mean REALLY retire.)

Actually, the captain of the Rangers plays for the y*nkees, so I guess nothing should surprise me...


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