Tuesday, March 23, 2004

NY Media Misinformation Update 3/23

If your only source of baseball information is WFAN in NYC, which it is for a LOT of people, you think that Kim is starting the season as the Red Sox fifth starter.

Mike & the Mad Dog were trying to figure out the starters in the first Sox-y*nks series in mid-April. After they figured out the y*nkee pitchers, they went through the Sox pitchers:
Pedro Sunday, Schilling Tuesday, Lowe Wednesday, Wake Thursday, okay, accurate so far. Then it gets crazy. Mike: "Friday's the home opener, so they won't pitch Kim, they'll probably go back to Pedro." Dog: "I don't know, I think they might not put that much emphasis on this series where they'd skip Kim." (?) Mike: I think they'll go Pedro for the home opener..." Mike then explains Pedro's next turn would be the Thurs. right before the y*nkee series, so he'll wait 2 days, Schil pitches Fri night, then Pedro on Sat. He also says that Schil said he wants that first game, and since Pedro has the season AND home openeres, Schil will get the y*nkee opener.

Now we Red Sox fans know that Kim is injured, and will be starting the season on the DL. And we've heard more than once now that Bronson Arroyo WILL start thye home opener. You'd think they could've checked the web for like five seconds, so they wouldn't have to sit there arguing over Kim vs. Pedro for the home opener, when Arroyo has been slated to start by the manager already.

Terrible job, guys.


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