Monday, March 08, 2004

Michael Kay and His Lies

Okay, so I taped the game today on HN! (Hell No!) (YES), because I was out taking a walk with Lys, and driving around. Later, I got my notebook and pen, and got ready for the misinformation. After a few innings, I had jotted down a few things, like Kay saying on two different occasions, "Kevin Millar came up with the phrase 'Cowboy Up'." Which makes it sound like Millar actaully invented the term, which of course is false. This is more like Kay being stupid than purposely misleading the audience. But either way, he didn't really spew out any outright lies...
Until about the 5th inning. The crowd had quited down, and Kay comes out with this beauty, comparing the quietness with that of Fenway Park:
"The fans at Fenway, what they do is they'll cheer if something happens, but they will not cheer if the team is down, or if something is about to happen. Which is kinda different from yankee Stadium. Seems like Red Sox fans expect gloom and doom."
I was fuming at this one, even though I'd actually heard him say this one before.
Although he garbled his point, I think it's clear that what he was trying to say is that Red Sox fans only cheer when something good happens, but don't know how to cheer in order to fire up the team when they're losing, unlike yankee fans.
Well let me just clear something up, Mr. God Complex. Red Sox fans are known for cheering in order to start a rally. We'll do it at any time, winning or losing, and all WITHOUT THE AID OF THE SCOREBOARD telling us exactly what to say, or the organ music telling us when to clap.
Michael Kay is pure evil, and so condescending to the Red Sox and Red Sox fans, it just makes me sick. Yeah, we all sit quietly and wait for gloom and doom, that's why we sold out the season in February.

Anyway, that was today's Big Kay Lie, but I'll give you some more examples of general yankee disgusting-ness I had to witness today:

Kay: "Nomar doesn't like the pressure of playing in Boston, so how could he play in New York?"
This just makes no sense.

They showed a graphic comparing stats between the two teams in last year's ALCS. Kay said, "....(the yankees) outscored the Red Sox by just one run--and you can see how close everything else was".
And as he's saying this I'm focusing on one the five or so stats on the screen that showed batting average: NY .227, Bos .272. Pretty close, right?

Oh, here's a weird one. This kind of shows how Kay really does purposely lie. He pointed out how Girardi's name was spelled wrong on the scoreboard, but they JUST corrected it. He then said it had been spelled "Gerrard...with no 'i'." Then, they cut to a shot of the incorrect version of the name that a different camera had caught, and the name was spelled wrong, but it was "Gerardi." So Kay was proven by his own producers to be exaggerating. What a liar.

When Pokey Reese hit a home run that went over the 385-ft. marker, they were so sure it was due to the wind, that the camera actually cut to a shot of the flag blowing out BEFORE Reese even crossed the plate. But when Jeter homered, Kay and Singleton were laughing at how far and amazing it was, later calling it "explosive", and saying "What a blast!" referring to Sierra's homer. And the flag was not shown on the yankee homers. I'm not saying the yankee HRs weren't hard hit, but c'mon, our little guy hit one 400 feet, give him some credit.

When Arroyo gave up his first baserunner in the 3rd, (on a looping line single) Singleton said, "Well, the perfect game has been SHATTERED." Uggghhh.

With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Kay says, "Final out, Brian Daubach." Not "The Red Sox are down to their last out." or "This COULD be the final out", just "Final out, Daubach." Daubach reached base.

And finally, in fourth inning, the game was all but forgotten as Jeter and A-Hole were jogging and stretching in the outfield. By my count, they cut to a shot of them TEN times, including right after a yankee getting injured, and right after a great play by a yankee infielder. I know this is the yankee network, but TEN times? Actually, maybe one good thing about A-Rod being on the yanks is that HN! or the yanks' other home network, FOX, will now cut to A-Rod instead of Jeter sometimes, for a reaction to a ground out, so we'll only have to see Jeter's ugly mug half as much. But then again, they'll probably be connected at the hip in the dugout, so I'm sure we'll end up seeing them both at the same time.
And in the next inning, they were signing autographs (this was shown five times), and Kay says snidely, "A lot of Red Sox fans don't mind getting yankee autographs." You could clearly see it was mostly yankee fans.

Anyway, I know this goes on all season, every season. I'm not new to this, I've been watching and faithfully rooting against the yankees for my entire life, but I'm just letting you know what I have to deal with around here. During the season, I'll try to limit my misinformation reports to the BKLs (Big Kay Lies), and other major lies by various New York media.

The good news is, spring training rules, because if the Sox win or the yanks lose, Woohoo! But if the Sox lose or the yanks win, Hey, it doesn't count anyway...

Good nite.

Oh, Happy Birthday, Dad!

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