Sunday, March 14, 2004

Go North, Young Fan

When I first saw the Red Sox schedule this year, I wasn't very happy withe road trip situation: No games in Philly or Pittsburgh like last year, which I knew goin' in actually, and no Baltimore games on a weekend until October, and those could be cold or meaningless games (or both). And Cleveland is a stretch, but that series is also mid week. So I thought, well, besides seeing the team in New York or Boston, there's really nothing else...the next closest city would be...Toronto.

So I'm going to Toronto this year.

Only 8 hours from me, probably not too much farther from the Boston area... got a very cheap hotel close to the park, and tickets to the "Skydeck" are a whopping NINE bucks--Canadian! So for under $100 a person for two people we've got a place to stay and we'll see three Sox games. Amazing.


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