Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The Coincidences Continue...

Shortly after wrapping up that last post, I took a look at my friend Chan's blog that he just started, and he mentioned George Carlin--JUST LIKE I WAS GOING TO, I swear. I was gonna tell you all (you three?) about my dream from the other night, and I was gonna start off by quoting Carlin: "There is nothing more boring than listening to someone describe a dream." I decided to skip the dream synopsis, not just because of Carlin, but still, thanks to that cosmic sign from Chan, I now give you:

The Dream...

I was at y*nkee Stadium. In classic dream fashion, it didn't really look like y*nkee Stadium. Anyway, the bleachers extended all the way to the right field foul pole, which is about wher I was sitting. Looking toward right center, I could see a big screen instead of the outfield wall. They were having little one-person planes taking off from right field, flown by individual fans. The first fan (a brown haired woman) flew their mini plane right into that center field screen right after takeoff, and it pushed the whole crowd back, but no one was hurt. The second plane (flown by a blond woman) crashed near me. This woman was hurt a little bit, and another woman was for some reason making fun of me for helping her, so I said, "Hey, it wasn't my idea to have planes flying around the stadium, let alone having unliscened pilots flying them."
Then a black man flew a plane out of the stadium, over the ocean that was just to my left. I ran out on to the beach to monitor his flight, and I watched him crash into the ocean. I ran down the beach, and got to the point where the plane had for some reason washed all the way into shore. A cop was there. I looked at the wreckage. There was a man who looked like he weighed 2 thousand pounds underneath the plane, which was now inside a roughly ten foot long alligator shaped pool toy. The cop pointed at the fat guy and said, "Listen to me. The senator DOES NOT GET MOVED.", and he ran away. I looked inside the plane, and the pilot smiled. He was white now. He went to bend at the waist, and the whole body detached at the waist, and I saw his ribs and other parts of his skeleton right up to his head, which was normal, but now he was dead. Fortunately, I woke up at this point.

I hope this doesn't really happen at y*nkee Stadium when I'm there this year.


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