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World Series Game 1 Photo Gallery (Part Dos)

[For part 1, click here.]
Here was my view, as Victorino bats in the first. Now I'm not sure if my fan experience was shaped by the fact that it was a World Series game, or that I was sitting in the front row at the convergence of several aisles with major walkway traffic crossing in front of me, or if it was a combination of both. I made this handy map so you see what I mean:

I was in the front-right corner of section 38, as shown by the red dot. The yellow-shaded areas represent all the people, minimum, who had to walk directly in front of me to leave and return to their seats with the arrows showing their path. And they did this all game long, but since nobody wanted to miss anything, everybody would wait till the inning breaks. Which means it's probably worse for a regular game in that spot, in terms of having a steady game-long stream of blockers. But then again, the inning breaks were way more concentrated with people, and of course it would spill into the innings since it seemed like all of section 39 left and came back after every inning. What I'm trying to say was, it was rough. But I wasn't about to complain about being at a World Series game. Except for the two guys behind me, who did that thing all game long where they think the whole section came to hear them blurt out completely unfunny and/or un-reference-able things all night. (Photo for map courtesy of this weird site which I've used for years whenever I need a picture of the bleachers that blows up HUGE to find an exact seat or something.)

Here's Beltran in right. He would figure into this game, but only kinda sorta.

This is after that play at second where they initially made a bad call. It was so obvious, even from where I sat. We all chanted "safe, safe, safe" until the umps changed their minds and got it right. Huge play in Red Sox history, as it turns out.

Because Mike Napoli proceded to hit a three-run double, which I managed to somewhat film:

That gave us a 3-0 first-inning lead and it looked like another breezy World Series. Note the one guy, amid the chaos, keeping score:

In the second, Papi hit what would have been a grand slam, but Beltran, unlike Myers and HUnter before him, made a play in right, going over the fence to rob Ortiz, as you can see here:

A true rob, right in front of me. But a run came home on the sac fly, and it was 5-0. And you could turn your sets off there, folks. Beltran would later leave the game after hitting that wall so hard on the great catch.

Up and to my left, a roof booth for Fox.

Later in the game, Papi gets his dong. 7-0 Boston.

Lester came up big for us that night. Here he tips his cap to the richer folks. According to Wikipedia, as of this writing, he pitched "7.6666666666667 !72⁄3 scoreless innings."

With the game a blowout, and it being a pretty cold night (though the body heat helped a lot, just like in Times Square on New Year's Eve), there were some people who filed out, meaning I had room to join my mom and Charlie over toward straightaway center in the front row. Above is the new view.

Jacoby right in front of us.

8-1 was the final. I had wanted to give a prediction going into that game, but I couldn't decide between 8-0 and 8-2. That's true! Witnesses: none.

Red Sox celebrate, lead series 1-0.

Too close to this board to get it all in the frame. But I got the key word.

Plesac and Reynolds emerge.

MLB Network brings their triangle through the Triangle. Which I misspelled 50% of the time when naming the file.

WS logo on other board.

And the ticket one more time, with the CF warning track below. Sox would go on to win in 6, no prob limo.

So after a tough year getting-my-ass-to-Fenway-wise, I ended up going to three playoff games, one in each round, each a classic win. Myers, Hunter, and would-have-been-Beltran had that ball bounced off his head and into the pen or something.

Great pix! Also love the scoreboard message/new ads in your seating diagram
Great pics! I've had similar problems with people walking in front of me. Once, I was on the aisle. But, because of the angle of the section, people on the stairs were actually right in front of me. Pretty much the whole game. Another reason to stick with Section 36!

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