Thursday, December 05, 2013


So much to say about the soulless dick, but I'll get to that later. Meanwhile, I never got to say a proper goodbye to Salty. We had so much fun with this guy, and he "grew up" with us in a parallel fashion to the way my mom's dog who bears his name has. It's too bad he had such a lousy time in the playoffs. But fans will remember the big role he played in the 2013 championship.

I went back and found the first picture I took of him in a Red Sox uniform, from September 19th, 2010:

That's Salty alongside Tim Wakefield.

He also snuck into this shot from four days later (find him!):

And ten days later, on Mike Lowell day, he suddenly was looking more like the Salty we know and love today:

The next year, he was decked out in all-white for a throwback game against the Cubs:

July 14th, 2011, was the day my mom got her Saltalamacchia. It was also the day I took this pic of human Salty throwing with Jason Varitek:

Salty in the rain on Tim Wakefield Day, May 15th, 2012.

On Mothers' Day, 2012, we saw a Salty Dong:

And here he is on the following Mothers' Day, 2013:

Back to June of '12, here's a nice close-up of the man they rarely call Jarrod on deck:

Paying tribute to Johnny Pesky in the 2012 home finale:

With Larry David (in crowd, second from left, front row) in September '12:

And here he his, with full beard and full Kevin DuBrow hair, the way I'll always remember him, after a playoff win on our way to a world title:

Best of luck, Salty! You'll be proverbially missed.

"Er war superstar
Er war populär
Er war so exaltiert
Because er hatte flair"

[Finally, who could forget this?]

Mom here: Great poem. What language are we calling that?
It's a lyric, you'll have to ask Falco what language it is....
ROCK ME AMADEUS! Very nice. Reminds me of college.....
(Did I just date myself?)

Kim (Dewey & Co.)

Thanks for the ref - makes all the money I spent on those shirts worth it.

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