Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Rolling Rally Photos (From Our Pal "Dewey & Co."'s Son Dylan)

Kim (aka longtime reader "Dewey & Co.") sent me these pics, taken by her oldest son, Dylan. Looks like he got some nice shots of Papi, Jacoby, Jonny Wadd, Salty, and more! A huge thanks to K & D. Enjoy, everybody.

Stay tuned for more, from another reader who was in a super-special exclusive area....

Thanks, Dylan, from Jere's Mom. Loved your shots of Saltalamacchia.
This is so exciting-I feel like we are famous! Dylan is coming home tomorrow or Friday after working on Cape Cod all summer (and fall) and I can't wait to show him his pictures on a website. Thanks for putting them up. Next time I will have him write captions for sure.
Kim (and Dewey & Co.)
Oh! and I love the Saltalamaccia pictures too-My 9 year old went as him for Halloween!
Kim again.
His pics look great too. He can e-mail me captions and I'll add them, if he wants.

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