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Retro Gallery: Angels At Red Sox, 7/20/1985

Found these in a photo album at my mom's place last weekend. It was pretty easy to figure out the game, as we've got pics of the Angels defense up on the scoreboard. Turns out it was Saturday, July 20th, 1985 (box & play-by-play).

A packed house (right from the start) on a sunny day in Boston. I'm not sure what the story was here--my mom was always the photographer so I assume she was shooting. But did we really have seats this good? I don't think so. I'd guess she went down close, as hard as that might have been with every seat filled. She probably just went to the aisle down close for these good shots. Maybe she could fill us in on some of her memories. Above it's the Red Sox about to hit in the bottom of the first, as evidenced by the defense up on the board, and our first two hitters, Dwight Evans and Wade Boggs, getting ready to go. That's Rod Carew at first for California, in what would be his 67th-to-last major league game out of about 2,500. The starters were Mike Witt, on his 25th birthday, and Bobby Ojeda, who would get knocked out early.

Mom goes down closer for a shot of the Chicken Shit-- er, Man, after Dewey has walked up to the plate. Evans would walk, and Boggs would ground into a double play. Notice how only numbers 9 and 4 have been retired at this point.

Top 3 now, and the Angels are up 4-zip. Reggie Jackson pinch-hits and would draw a bases-loaded walk off of Mike Trujillo. The RBI, his 1,562nd, tied him with Tris Speaker for 19th on the all-time list. Oddly, Jackson was pinch-hitting for Rufino Linares (funny tale about him at bottom of this article), who homered in the second. From what I gather from contemporary game stories via Google News, Gene Mauch was resting his old guys by starting rookies in day games after night games, and then apparently putting the fogies in once they were fully awake. Mauch would win his 1,700th game that day. Also note the long-gone "Lite" and "WPLM" signs to the left of CITGO. And Gedman behind the dish. And Brian Downing on third with his helmet off.

I must kill...the queen. Reggie is up again, and he'll soon ground into a double play.

We go to the bottom of the 6th with the Sox still down 5-0. Again we have the top of the order leading off an inning, as Evans and Boggs prepare to hack. Atop the bleachers, the ad board on the right has flipped from Thom McAn to...something else. Anybody?

Evans would reach on Ducky Schofield's son's error, and then Boggs, above, laces a double. At least I think this is the double. It's definitely the right at bat according to the scoreboard, but if we're assuming the ball (which you can see) is going to go to the left of the third baseman, then it's fair to say it could be going foul and he doubles later in the at bat. But I'd say this is the double. Evans would go to third and score on a Bill Buckner groundout. 5-1 Angels through 6.

The Red Sox would cut it to 5-3 in the bottom of the ninth on ribbies by the Hit Man and the Ged Man (I have game-used jerseys of both guys, oddly or normally enough), but the first-place Halos would hang on for the victory. California found themselves in a canine quarrel with Kansas City and lose the AL West in the final few days of the season. The Red Sox ended up 81-81, nowhere near the front-running Blue Jays. Jere would go on to post pictures of this game 28+ years later on something called the "Internet," using the take-a-picture-of-a-picture method over the so-called "scanner" technology, which is sitting right next to him collecting dust. He feels the other way is easier.

Mom here.
Boy was that fun--my Fenway pictures and your commentary.
You were ten. I was 40.
I'm verklempt. Thanks you for saving everything Jere.

Wow nice username, ha! Good job getting these shots!

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