Friday, October 18, 2013

Red Sox ALCS Fun Fax

This is our 10th ALCS. (9th in the best-of-7 era.)

This is the first time we've entered Game 6 of an ALCS with a 3-2 lead.

We've never played a 6-game ALCS. (And we've only played one 6-game World Series out of 11 appearances (one was a best-of-9).)

Our record in Game 6 of the ALCS is 5-0.

In other words, a win Saturday will mean our first-ever 6-game ALCS, and a loss would be our first-ever Game 6 loss. Something's gotta proverbially give.

There has only been one 7-game ALCS that the Red Sox weren't a part of (1985).

Non-ish Red Sox ALCS stuff:

This was the first year since 2003 that any ALCS was tied 2-2.

Except for those two horrible performances the Red Sox had against the A's ('88 and '90), there have only been two sweeps in the ALCS in the best-of-7 era ('06 and '12).


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