Monday, October 14, 2013

Holy Shit

I was there. Will do a "proper" photo gallery Monday night. For now, a few vids:

After I jumped around for a while, I captured Papi scoring on his grand dong, and the fucking pandemonium that was in mid-ensue.

And a little of Torii Hunter--at the end I show the board where you see his flip.

And then Salty's winning hit.

Series tied at 1! What a night.

[Added later: My photo gallery of the entire night is here.]

You were there?!?!!!! You picked the right game to go to. My brother from Atlanta, who made his first trip to Fenway this summer, is a Braves fan. He was amazed at the atmosphere during the games. We were texting last night and he said that it was a great experience in July against the Padres...he couldn't imagine the playoffs. That is a night you will never forget.
Not only were you there, you were in a prime location! Great videos
Couldn't think of a better blog post title, Jere! Great videos, my friend. I was literally jumping for joy in my living room. The Large father's hall of Fame credentials just got bigger.
ya man sick seats!!! what an amazing improbably sequence of events!!!! THIS TEAM.
I was there also just to watch the Tigers. Friday night was pure ectasy; last night was pure torture. You see, the Tigers bullpen has been a cluster =#@%* all year and you have to hold your breath all the time. Leaving Sherzer in would have been the best option but even being tired, he would have been our best bet until the 9th. We do not have a good closer and have to be lucky to finish games. Hopefully Verlander can pitch a complete game on Tuesday.
Wait, what is rally cap etiquette (mid-80's Mets teams be damned)? In my mind, there are several fans in the last video violating it. And backwards facing caps should no longer be considered rally caps, as that is no longer different or "embarassing." Thoughts?
I've never been a rally cap guy. I'm thinking rally whether were up 10 or down 10. As long as people don't give up, they can do whatever they want.
Yeah, I get that. But those that do wear rally caps should have turned them back at the start of the ninth, as the rally was completed by the dong. But you and I and Churchill all agree on your last point.

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