Monday, September 23, 2013


Due to my work schedule, I've gone to hardly any games this season. And when I do, I don't even have time to do full photo galleries for thee. But I've got one for you today. It was the day they unveiled the Yaz statue--the regular season finale at Fenway--and I was there with my mom and Charlie. I'll start you out with a super-bootleg top-bottom-multi-shot thingy:

On hand for the unveiling were a bunch of Carl's teammates, and also some current players who you can see above.

Jim Rice gave a funny speech--lots of "Yaz is looking at his watch"-style jokes.

Dewey Evans gave a heartfelt one.

And here's the man himself getting a little emotional.

Just after they knocked the cover off the statue. As with most statues, it kinda doesn't look like the person it's statue-ing.

Shortly after the ceremony, as I waited for the gates to open, the gray went away and it became a really nice day. Even kinda hot in the sun.

Not a great shot, but I just really wanted to get one of Bill Lee. You also see Tiant, Monty, Rice, Berardino, and a hint of Yaz here. Rich Gedman was there, and I got to say hi to him as he walked right past me. But it was brief as I had spotted Red Sox writin' guy Saul Wisnia and was chatting with him. Was good to finally meet him in person.

I could look at this all day.

Unnecessary quotes Stay Strong unnecessary quotes.

Farrell cat.

A bearded Wally. And Doctor Charles.

Jonny Wadd Gomes.

Yaz threw out the first ball.

Above is a video of him after the pitch heading to the dugout.

We sat in great seats for two innings. Here's Reyes at bat.


The view.

Felix Doubront.

R.A. Dickey was roughed up a little today.

Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a 3-run dong that turned out to be "the difference in the game." This game really flew by. And with that early 4-run inning it was never really in doubt. We stayed 1.5 up on Oakland in the best record race.

Bill Lee was up in the Legends box and brought his bat with him.

The Guidry angle. Fine, I'll tell you. It's just that that "left-of-pitcher" angle was the early 80s center field view on Yankee games on WPIX. So I always think of Loser-ana Lightnin'-that-strikes-orphans-on-purpose when I see this view.

Next game at Fenway will be 10/4, good buddy.

Beard board. And if you're wonder, yes, I'm finally on beard. Started growing it around the 1st of "tha" month. Getting werewolf-y now.... with a few white hairs in there.

Hey, how come there was no "fan appreciation weekend" this year? Are they only doing those in years where we don't make the playoffs?

And I thought AL East champs T-shirts would be more prominent in the stores. I only saw a $40 one. I guess I should just make my own....

Okay, let's talk serious now. We got our job done. The Yanks...totally didn't. Mo Day and the Druggie's last home start were beautifully ruined, as the Yanks lost to the lowly Giants and fell to FOUR back in the WC since TB and Cleveland won. Their tragic number is 3! Gold. Their only shot is to sweep Tampa, BUT, Texas should stay ahead of them through the end of that series anyway as they play the Astros. The key is, those top two teams don't need to do much to keep the Yanks out, even if NY wins every single game.

P.S. In the starting lineups, we were introduced as the "AL East champion" Boston Red Sox. My mom had been at Saturday night's game too, and she said they didn't do it then. And she was pissed. So they fixed that.
That left-of-pitcher angle was used in the Houston Astrodome in the early 80's, too. I remember opening day in 1984, Expos at Astros, Charlie Lea v. Joe Niekro, and they used that angle on TV. Terry Francona played first base for the Expos that day.
Haha...I guess the norm hadn't been established yet back then. (The norm that later got screwed by my enemy, the head-on shot.)
Thanks for the great pix for those of us that couldn't be there. I'm headed for Denver tomorrow! I hope to get some good pix there.

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