Thursday, June 06, 2013

Famous As F**k

We were in danger of another frustra-loss, stranding men all over the place down by one, but we finally barely tied it on a would-be double play grounder in the 7th. And after Bailey escapes trouble in the top of the 9th, the fun begins in the bottom half.

Jonny Wad Gomes doubled to start things off. Then the world watched in disbelief as the Rangers opt to intentionally walk [insert any name] to pitch to Papi. When Mr. McFeeley came out to the mound to talk to the pitcher, my imitation of him was: "Look son, we just put you in a horrible spot...uh...but that's for you to deal with, not me. Bye!" I started coming up with new and exciting ways to say "they're gonna pay dearly," such as "they're gonna pay deer-in-the-headlights-ly!" It was the all-time "make them pay" situation, and Papi didn't wait around.

As soon as he hit it, he knew the game was over. Because even if it catches wall out there, the winning run's gonna score from second. But it was a nice bonus that it got over, for the full trot-style funfest.

What an awesome win. We take 2 of 3 from Texas, and hold our 1.5-game lead in the division. As I type, the Yanks are way up on Seattle. So it should stay at 1.5. But they just started a west coast swing. I'd love to see 'em pull a sub-.500 out there.

Here's a video I made about that whole "walk-off" thing I always talk about:

Well said, Jere. As you know, I detest that "walkoff" term, even if Eck created it. Gave you a shout out on my blog today...
Walking Pedroia was the absolute right move. His run was useless. Might as well just skip over him in the order. Now, the problem came from not walking Ortiz too.

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