Thursday, April 25, 2013

Endless April

I live in Providence but work mostly in Newport. Lately we've had a few nice weather days in Providence. I get in my car happy. But when I get out in Newport, any warmth is negated by daily gale force winds. It's ridiculous. I keep waiting for them to go away but they haven't yet. But the surfers don't care. I guess they figure they're venturing into hypothermia-inducing water anyway so what's the difference. Here are a few shots from yesterday at the beach.

I always try to get people in cold-weather gear in the foreground of these surfing shots.

I'm only at the "body boarder who wishes he was a surfer" stage, so I don't know all the ins/outs of this sport, but I kept wondering what these guys were waiting for. They let so many seemingly rad waves go by! So I was happy to catch anybody riding one.

Maybe the problem was the surf was so rough today, they had to spend most of their time fighting it to just get out there.

I call this "five-layer wake."

Tried to get artsy here--it would have been better if I'd gotten someone riding a wave in the background. I actually did but I like the way the mirror people look better in this one so this us your winner.

One of the people in the mirror shot is female--here's the surfer girl icon she had on her mirror.

Ten years later, I'm still taking surfer pics.

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