Monday, February 11, 2013

The Measurement

That's from Saturday. "The table" had 15 inches, but the snow was blowing sideways so who knows what the true Providence total is. As you can see I measured 21" at one of the drifts, and the plow piles are over our heads. The town in CT where my aunt lives got FORTY inches--those plow piles must be huge. But according to my dad and sister, both in CT, they haven't even SEEN any plows. I guess we were lucky here in Providence, with a relatively low total, plowing done, and no power-loss. The sledding was okay, I even sledded (slad? slud?) right out the front door, since the stairs were just a smooth slope. But I sunk right into the wet, heavy snow. The shoveling took forever, and our backs are killing us. But that's northeast livin' and whatnot.

Pics from the day after the blizz:

Final shot of that table that I was using to chart the progress. Here's one that shows the before and after:

The house, looking all Day After Tomorrow-y.

The stair-hill.

Last shot of the day at sunset, with the plow piles visible. Look way in the back and you can see a guy who's, like, not as tall as the piles.

I had to stay in Trumbull, CT Friday night because of the storm, the snow was up to my chest when I went out the next day to clean the snow off my car. On Saturday afternoon I got going again, when I was back on the Merritt parkway heading north to 91 there were exits that were completely inaccessible. The same was true for 91. When I was heading back to NYC last night, there were still exits that were not accessible. Crazy!

I didn't think the storm was anything special once you got into western mass., however.

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