Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reds-Phillies, 8/20/2012

Went to Philly with Kim and Chan. Stayed at Chan's in NYC Saturday and Monday night, and at a hotel in Philly Sunday night. Went to Reds-Phils Monday. Above, the batter's eye area.

Halladay's stretches include this very lounge-like one.


Bronson Arroyo in the Reds' dugout. Mike Leake started for Cincy, Halladay for the Phils.

Our view. This was my third time at Citizen's Bank Park, fourth game in Philly, first one that didn't involve the Red Sox.

The bell lighting up after a dong.

Halladay pitching. He stunk but the Phils stayed alive and eventually caught and destroyed the Reds, who certainly didn't play like a first-place team. Papelbon's services were not required, but I was ready to cheer for him.

Terrible job by the scoreboard operator, giving the Reds' 0 in the 7th to the Phils.

A couple of random things about Philly fans: You know how home fans terribly boo when one of their hitters is intentionally walked? Philly fans boo this as if you just stepped on their grandma's dog's grandma's grave. Completely appalled. And you know how "everybody" dresses in team jerseys/shirts these days? In Philly, it feels as if it's mandatory to wear Phils clothing to the game. Or maybe you get in for half-price if you're sporting Phils gear. Even the mice have little Phillies vests on. I didn't specifically notice this last time I was there. At Fenway you're gonna see plenty of people in regular collared shirts or just college-guy Phish-wear. There are way more people with jerseys than even as recently as the 90s, and obviously the team and souvenir shops make a mint selling that stuff, but in Philly it's just over the top. So, good job showing your colors even in a shitty year, Phils fans.

Philly the city was pretty fun. Kim used to live there so she was able to show me and Chan, the jaded New York-area-ers, around. It doesn't feel like a big city, yet it has one of the highest populations in the country. Which I guess is good. It would be nice to spend a week there. I got an awesome portabella burger at Jack's Firehouse. And Tattooed Mom's was a cool bar/restaurant we stopped in. Oh and the Morning Glory diner is a great breakfast place. I know usually you have to be over 75 to brag about "large portions," but in this case I have to bring it up. I got "Monkey French Toast" which was like an awesome dessert-kfast, with caramelized mango and banana and some gooey orange sauce. The Barnes museum was pretty amazing. If you robbed that place, you'd never have to rob again.


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