Saturday, July 07, 2012

Red Sox Kick Yankee Ass

Finally some fun. It started off like the first two games, with the Yanks putting up multiple runs in the first. But Doubront settled down, and by the 6th, we'd turned 3-0 into 3-2 (thanks in part to Darnell getting in Granderson's way on a routine fly ball). Then it got good. With a man on first and no outs, Jeter did what he does best: misses a grounder. (Unless you're a Yankee announcer, in which case, it was the first error of his career.) Then with the bases loaded and one out, Ciriaco comes up and grounds one into the left fielder corner. Three runs score! And we're up 5-3. We loaded the bases after that, but couldn't add to the lead in that inning.

Jones started the 7th with a dong, so we were only up one. Albers came in and kept the lead right there. And in the bottom half, we broke it open. AG, Sweeney, Gomez, and Ciriaco all had extra base hits, making it 8-4 non-douches. Ciriaco then stole third, and scored when the throw got away, leading the crowd to go nuts for the guy. What a day for him. 3 for 5, 3 RBI, 2 runs. I loved him in spring training, good to see he got a shot and kicked Yankee butt in said shot. Gomez was 3-4, AG 3-5, Punto 2-3, Ortiz 2-4. Final: Sox 9, Yanks 5. We outhit them 16-6, and they made 4 errors.

Gotta keep this going Sunday night so we can feel good going into the 4-day break.

Idiocy from Fox: The first line of their opening intro was "The CURSE may be over..." Does it even matter what they said after that. Then Joe Buck topped that, by starting his intro with "New York's weekend visit to Boston has been a blast...literally." You'd think Buck would be one of the people making fun of how America forgot the meaning of the word literally. Guess he's actually on the other side.

Fox also completely ignored a near death in the crowd. High pop-up near first, guy reaches out with cupped hands, right over a little girl's head. He misses the ball, but it hits off his hands and flies away--I honestly think he saved that girl's life. Or at least a concussion. She didn't fully escape unscathed, as he proceeded to land on her, but that's better than the alternative. After I saw the play live, from the looks of the people around her, I thought it was something really bad. But watching again I know she avoided the worst. What a scary moment that must have been for the kid.


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