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"Anti-'Boston Sports Media' Sign" Weekend At Fenway

This weekend, July 6-8, it's Yankees-Red Sox at Fenway Park. Four games, on four networks. Bring your anti-Boston Sports Media signs to the ballpark! Or make them once you're inside. The media's ego has exploded, and they're making not only themselves but us look like morons. It's time to let them know that they don't represent Red Sox fans, that it's not all about them, and that they need to leave the players alone and let them play ball!

The crucial games for this are Saturday night on Fox (shown to much of the country) and Sunday night on ESPN (shown to everybody). This isn't about them, it's about the local media, so I almost feel like they'd get a kick out of showing our signs, should there be enough of us holding them. Other media has already come to the realization that the Boston writers have gone too far. Maybe Fox or ESPN will see our movement and put it on the air.

But even if they don't--who cares?! We are in control! Bring your sign to the park, snap a picture of it, and send it out to everyone via whatever. Twitter or whatever else people do. (My tweets about this can be found here if you want to re-tweet them.) Any sign you see, take a picture of it, and post it. Make videos of the signs and YouTube them. We want the world to know how we feel. You want a hashtag for this? I don't know, make one up, maybe #BostonMediaShutUp or #AntiMediaFenwaySign. And if nothing else, all the fans around you will cheer for your sign and might be inspired to make their own. And if there are enough of us with signs aimed toward the press box, the media will know we're sick of them, regardless of whether any of the signs make it on the air.

We also need to spread the word for this plan, so let's do a blitz. Use whatever you use, but tell everybody about Anti-'Boston Sports Media' Sign Weekend at Fenway Park, July 6-8. Here's the link to this post if you want to use it. Or copy/paste this:

Sign suggestions:

The only thing TOXIC around here is the MEDIA

Boston Sports Media: Shut Up / Leave Our Red Sox Alone / Leave Papi (or whoever) Alone / Nobody's Here to see You / Save the drama for your mama / LET THEM PLAY

Beer / Chicken / Golf / Charity Work IS NOT A CRIME

Players & Fans: BOYCOTT the Boston Sports Media

Let's run the MEDIA out of town

I love the Red Sox, it's the media I hate

Go Red Sox, Go Home Media

Boston Sports Media Does Not Represent Red Sox Fans

Sports Radio Callers Are NOT Fans

I only boo the MEDIA (and the Yankees)

Or just pick your favorite writer and tell him what you think of him!

The goal is that by the time we get to Saturday night, everybody's on board, and Fox is forced to make the decision not to ignore our signs. And then it all culminates in the national broadcast Sunday night on ESPN, with hundreds of creative (way better than my suggestions--you can do it!) anti-media signs all over the park, and the ESPN announcers (Tito!) laughing along, loving it.

Tip: Bring a fake, innocent sign about it being your first game at Fenway or something, and bring your markers too. Then when you're at your seat, write your real message on the back. Just in case. I don't think we'd be breaking any rules, as long as we avoid profanity and put the damn thing down when the game is going on.

Thanks, everybody.

We've also got at least semi-national audiences on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, as those two games are on MLB Network along with NESN.
That's Bruce Allen's move.
Bruce and I have been on the same page on this issue for quite some time. I assure you I let him know about this as soon as I posted it. I am glad to see he linked this post! Thanks, Bruce!
Mom here.
Re, Friday night. I'm thinkin' of goin' with:


What do you think, editor-son?
Will be the first "humunculi" in ballpark sign history!

Oh that's right, that's the game you've got good seats for! So we'll have the box seats represented, nice!
Good luck and I hope people attending show their support.
Mom here.

Whoops! It's homunculi with an "o".
If any of the signs show up in Section 36, I'd love pictures!
I think the way to go here is with those acrostic signs spelling out NESN, ESPN, or WEEI or whatever. They mindlessly point the camera at a something that says

E mpty-headed
S peaking
P arrot
N etwork

and blam-o, message disseminated.
Nice idea guys. Definitely the right series to do something like this. By the way, let's hope the Red Sox take 3 of 4 at least!
"The only thing TOXIC around here is the MEDIA"

I love this one.
There *are* some good writers among the riff-raff, of course. Gordon Edes (ESPN) and Alex Speier (WEEI) are almost always stellar. Also, the Herald's Michael Silverman never fell into the Pedro/Diva bullshit. Pedro often gave Silverman extensive interviews and I assume that was because Silverman was a fair reporter.
Would be great if some of the few good guys noticed and wrote about it, I'd be cool with that.
Great idea!
Linked to this post from my site: Speak Out Against The Boston Sports Media This Weekend
Thanks FenFan. I was gonna say something in the game threads at Joy of Sox this week, but between the 10:00 games and the 4th of July, it was pretty sparsely populated. And the people that were there seemed to live either in Canada, California, or the Dominican, and therefore probably weren't going to Fenway this weekend.
As I just said on JoS:

I love it. Wish I could partake, and hope it makes it big. Most of all, hope it makes a difference. No matter the immediate effect, as long as it is supported and felt, it will make a difference.

That being said, fuck y'all hataz.
Thanks for your support, fellow North American!
do you guy actually believe Josh Beckett drinking beer and eating fried chicken in the clubhouse while we had the biggest September collapse in MLB history, is the fault of the media??? The media isn't the problem, Beckett and Lackey are the problems. Those 2 chumps don't condition themselves and it's no surprise that they can't last a full year without breaking down. Beckett really stepped it up last night when we needed him. Was that media's fault too??? Losers

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