Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photos From Tonight

Parked for 9 quarters, then walked through the $35 lot and got to Lansdowne, where I waited near DeNiro Sausage Guy to get in early with my RSN card. (Just to the right of DSG is that Fenway staffer who ALWAYS tells fans before day games that there's no batting practice even when there is.)

Went to CF instead of the Monster Seats. Only about 6 of us did, so I had a great chance at a ball. Above, a manager whose jersey we actually get to see! Papi stepped up and...

Woohoo! After a long wait, and once everybody had gotten a ball except me, a new guy entered the area. "This dude better not get a ball before me," I thought, as he took the spot against the front wall in front me, as I continued my "hang back and get any ball that goes past the first row" theory. Turns out he was a camo blessing, as Papi's dong went right to us, he fought another guy for it, and it bounced right to me.

My 21st ball lifetime, and my second ball with the 100 Years logo on it. Later, in the game, Papi would hit a dong to almost this exact spot.

This guy is a big ballhawk--he even does the "switch to the vistors' hat" thing when they enter the field. See how the camera well has two tiers? The upstairs is my house. That other guy owns the bottom floor. Two balls went in there, both went downstairs, so he got both. Along with some toss-ups. Whatever, I'm always happy when I get that first ball. Anything beyond that, I consider a bonus.

Apparently a bird got hit. Also, Justin Verlander's a really good shagger. He even robbed a home run in right field.

That MLBN ballpark cam thing.

Pretty much the perfect weather day/night. Warm enough so you need no jacket, but a nice cloud cover to keep it reasonable.

Youk in pre-game.

This is not the sun. This is one of those sun rainbows that sometimes appear way to the left and right of  the sun. For some reason it also had a sun-like light next to it.

See what I mean? The sun is above the Coke sign. The left rainbow is above the tower--the right rainbow is out of frame.

I started out in the right field bleachers. I've noticed that Marlon Byrd rips his glove off after he catches the last out of an inning, so I got a shot of that. (His left hand is the glove hand.)

An annoying foursome sat behind me, so I headed for right field standing room. And got this shot of a Green Team member with his shirt on over his backpack!

My view for much of the game. (This is Middlebrooks rounding the bases on his dong. Note a dejected Leyland on the TV.) There were closer standing room spots available, but I just felt like hanging out by myself wayyy out here.
Out the back-right corner of Fenway, as the night went on.
Check that score out! They'd go on to win 21-8.
After spending some time all the way over in the 3rd base deck, I moved close for the 9th. Here, Aceves prays to whoever.

Santiago up, Cabrera on deck.

Prince Fielder on deck.

One of the final pitches. After going down 3-0 early, we came back and eventually won 6-4. Tampa and Balty both lost again! So we stay in last, but move to within 2.5 of first. The losses in the division go: 22, 22, 23, 24, 24.

Used the rag center text with different font--all part of using "compose" mode to make sure pics are able to be enlarged. Maybe I'll do it this way from now on....

Before this game, while eating my Anna's Taqueria in the car, a guy called the stupid radio station, and said that latest buzz phrase among co-workers who heard about the Red Sox's rough start but didn't get the memo that we've won 14 of out last 19 games: that the Red Sox are "unlikeable." (I even heard a guy on the Joy of Sox board say MOST of the team was unlikeable!) So Michael Holley did what I did--he challenged the guy to come up with 5 "unlikeable" players who are currently playing. (I asked the JoS guy for 13 since he said it was most of the team--his answer was laughable.) So, this caller goes right to Lackey. Holley says he asked for guys currently playing. Guy went to Beckett. Then, he says "Josh Bard." Keep in mind, DANIEL Bard had beaten Cy Young and MVP winner Justin Verlander the previous night. His explanation made no sense on Bard. Then when Holley asked for more guys, the caller said "I'm trying to think of more...." Then he explained himself by saying he's not too familiar with some of the guys... (which may explain why he doesn't know the name of one of the starters.) And this was a guy who came in with that know-all attitude. Turns out he only knew what his know-nothing co-workers were buzzing about.

After the game I was right behind an accident on 95. Just a rear-ending when traffic came to a stop at some construction, but it's always a weird feeling when you actually see cars make contact with each other right in front of you. I think everybody was okay though.
Mom here.
No, it's not the sun--it's a sun dog. When I used to visit my friend in Arizona, we used to look for sun dogs when the sun was going down while drinking scotch on her patio. I never noticed one here in CT. All this time I thought it was a Navajo thing. Or a scotch thing.
Wow, and they can happen anywhere and any time. I've seen the "rainbow on each side" and the halo effect but I'd never seen them with bright lights coming out the sides like that...

I was going to tell you that it was a sun dog but your mother beat you to the punch. :-)

Nice shots!
That should be "beat ME to the punch"
Thanks. I read it like that anyway--and I'm supposed to be a proofreader!
First of all, I absolutely adore Ana's Taqueria and am now craving some after reading your comment above.

Second, in your blog post, it should be "Aceves prays to whomever." Sorry, I couldn't help myself :)
It's not the best sentence anyway--I should have said "prays to somebody."


Ms. Can't Spell "Anna's"! Zing! (Though I don't know why they spell it that way--the double N is very uncommon in Spanish and essentially unnecessary.)
Haha, nice catch. I always pronounce it "Ana" on purpose (as do most of my college friends) because "Anna" isn't very Spanish. I didn't even realize I was spelling it that way too :)
I've always pronounced it the Spanish way too! I don't mean I overdo it, like in that SNL skit when Jimmy Smits hosted, but I don't say it with the same "Ann" sound that "Annie" has either.
I also noticed that Marlon Byrd takes his glove off as soon as he makes the last catch of the inning, going back to his days in Philly. I'm sure he has some reason for doing that...
Aerodynamics? To get back to the dugout as fast as possible??
Jere, it was good to meet you tonight. Yes you got it right on how you got the ball, as. I was the "other guy" who collided with the new guy. A bit overzealous I was. And I thought my ball hawking had gone unnoticed! I hope to see you in center field soon.

Ha, I'm glad you found this! And remembered my blog name....
Good to meet you too, see you at Fenway.

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