Monday, February 20, 2012

A Few From Florida

Drove to the Florida Keys recently. I hate flying and I love driving, so for long trips Kim flies and I drive and we meet each other at the destination. So now you can mutter under your breath how crazy I am. I'll wait. Okay, so on my way down, I needed gas right around Rye, NY, and since I've never been to Playland despite hearing commercials for it for three decades, I figured I'd go over and check it out. Mainly because know what I'm gonna say, right? If you don't recognize the above shot, let me jog your memory:

In the movie, it's called "Sea Point Park," but it was really filmed at Rye Playland. Okay, let's skip ahead to Florida.

This weird blimp-looking thing is supposedly watching the southern waters, looking for boats attempting to come in from Cuba.

Sign near Ernest Hemingway's house in Key West.

Hemingway's pool.

A couple of cats at the Hemingway house. There are over 40 of them.

The Sunset Celebration begins.

We didn't realize the sunset was celebrated nightly and kind of stumbled upon this. (Even though I'd been to Key West before.)

The whole dock becomes filled with people, all just watching the natural ball drop.

We ended up getting a higher view on the picnic tables of an abandoned restaurant.

The money shot.

As the top of the sun disappears into the ocean, everybody cheers. Then the mass exodus begins, as people head off to see...

...large men dressed as women. Here, Kim puts a buck in the bra-strap of this linebacker.

We also stumbled across the Red Sox bar right on the main strip there. It's the "Southernmost Red Sox Nation" as they say there.

My birthday is 9/8. And my initials are JPS. I'll never find a more me-ish license plate than this one. (I don't think this person would be mad at me for posting their plate in the one in a trillion chance they see this, since I'm not showing the whole car.)

The beach in Key West. I love the Keys. Fun stuff. Go. (I split the picture-taking duties with Kim so we have a lot more shots of the sparkling blue water and other interesting places but I'll either save those for another day or just never show them out of laziness. Oh--we also spent a night in Miami Beach, and incredibly Sam Horn walked right past us. He was in his Joe Montana jersey, ready to watch that Giants-49ers game. So I've seen the guy a few minutes from my home at the supermarket, at Fenway, at the showing of the 2007 World Series film, and now in Miami!)

All these times seeing Sam Horn makes up for the home run I MISSED because my dad made us leave a game early back in the 80s. We were just hitting Yawkey Way when we hear a large cheer go up. A guy on the street told us it was not just a homer, but a grand slam, by budding superstar Sam Horn! Pat and I were so pissed that my dad made us leave to beat the traffic. Now I can't go anywhere without running into the guy!

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