Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Nod: Celts From Even Higher Than Usual

For some reason, the Celtics sold their $150 promenade level tickets to this game (and this coming Wednesday's) for 40 bucks. When you click "price range" at Inglorious TicketBasterd, they're listed at the regular price, but find them on the seating map and you'll see they're 31 plus fees....

I think this level is usually for groups. There's one row, and you get padded chairs. (Oddly, they're just a mishmash of office-type chairs, some with armrests, some with wheels in different colors. Eventually my dad and I went to an empty area, picked out our favorite chairs, and put them next to each other. See video above for that view.)

The first thing you see when you get out of the elevator on level nine is this Yaz drawing. Unfortunately, there isn't much stuff like this up there, aside from a row of old Bruins pictures. Mostly it's just blank walls behind you.

View from the corner. The seats are kinda scary, as you're just hanging over the balcony. But that does mean you're closer to the court (albeit a little higher up), especially from the side-court angle.

At mid-court.

We took a walk all the way around the top ring, and came across this organ room. All the music is pumped in now so they don't seem to be using these keyboards.

This other room of craziness.

I figured these three guys were famous since people kept getting pics taken with them. Thanks to the Kid/Play haircut, I was able to figure out later that that one guy is Underwood of the Patriots. There may or may not be other Patriots in this picture.

Did this guy get this from the discounted wrong colors/wrong number bin or am I missing something?

Fans looking on from our special level of awesomeness.

Fans looking...well, whatever.

Bass with the two-handed jam.

The Wizards with a tribute to their old ammunition-advocating uniforms.

Hey, who's that up in the promenade?

It's Fenway Park PA guy Cole Bean! Weird. (I have to assume he was there to give tips to the Celts' PA guy. Or maybe get some tips.)

That's all. The Celtics won but didn't cover.

I always want to call that guy Cole Bean. It's really Carl. I think it's because Cole Bean sounds like cool beans. Also, it's Beane. Myyy mistake.
Rondo wore 4 in High School. Looks like a McDonalds All American jersey.
Ohhhh. That's funny because when I was trying to point the guy out to my dad, I said "see the red and yellow, like it's a McDonald's jersey?" Neither one of us connected the McDonald-y look with "McDonald's All-American."


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