Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ignorance Is Fluff

Know who that is? Freakin' Cindy, that's who! Cindy Brady herself, Susan Olsen.

Kim and I were selling soap at the Fluff festival in Somerville, and since Susan does Fluff-related art, she was the belle of the sticky ball. I grew up with The Brady Bunch (it was in reruns by then, I'm not that old, sizzlechest), so meeting any Brady is always a big deal. Actually, I'd never met any others. And I chickened out on meeting Cindy, so I guess I don't really know what it's like to meet one. But I did take a few candid shots of her.

At 4 something, I checked the score. 0-0 in the second. I reloaded the page on Kim's iFin, and the Yanks' 0 turned into a 6. Shit. Oh well, I thought, keep getting those other teams to lose. But both the Rays and Angels won. So we lose a game, now 1.5 up on the Rays with a DH Sunday. Huge day. We could go 3 up, or be tied. Or something in between. Below, a few more pictures I took at What the Fluff? It was a really fun day, and the big early Yankee lead allowed me to not be tied to the scoreboard.

Did anybody get the iFin joke?

5.5 years later, I'll just tell you: iFin is from the movie I Love You, Man. And "sizzlechest" is from Jerky Boys. And I was back in Somerville today for Open Studios! I miss it. I'm talking to nobody right now with this comment.......
Except me, 7-months-ago self!
And don't forget me...Future Boy!!!!!
Don't forget me, Super Future Boy! Here for the 11-year anniversary of this post!

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