Friday, August 12, 2011

Not Suitable For Young Children (Slight Return)

In April 2006, I showed you pictures of my Red Sox hat. Within the next year, I finally retired the thing and got a new one. Now that new one has come to the end of its run, so I present to you, the "new" hat, from all the same angles you saw of the old one.

The head-on view:

Unlike the old, this one had the socks instead of the B:

From the top/behind: (don't know why I included this shot last time, but here it is again for consistency)

Head-on, close-up:

Yes, this hat also got the front-brim tattering. It took a while, though, and it didn't reach the level the old hat did:

The old familiar grime happened on this hat just as with the old: (only showing one side here as both sides look the same)

I also started getting the same top holes. Actually just one. If I were to give this hat another year I'm sure I'd get all the same holes as the last one:

The bottom view:

This tag held up extremely well! I can't explain it:

Close-up of the logo, which started turning gray (or just getting gray stuff inside the threads):

That back thing got green stuff on it just like the last hat

One more bonus shot of the whole hat:

The old and the new!:
It's funny, with the "new" hat, my friend Amber told me she thought it was a brown hat. That thing was once blue. But as you can see above, the browning of the new hat is nothing compared to how brown the old one--which also started a crisp blue--got.

I came across your blog and find it quite a nice read...really enjoy your passion for the Red Sox. I'm a Cardinals fan myself, but enjoy baseball...any baseball. So I have to ask after reading this post and your post on your old hat...which one/style are you wearing now. Thanks for the good read...
Ha, glad you like my blog! I was just looking at my current hat, noticing how the sweat buildup is beginning. And this was supposed to be the Clean Hat! What happened was, I went back to the classic B, then was given another one a's a gift right after. So I decided to use one for running, and one for daily wear. Well I haven't been running as much, and when I have I sometimes don't wear a hat, so the Daily one has been deteriorating much faster than the supposed Sweaty one.

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