Saturday, April 02, 2011

One Game Back

Momentum was on our side at this point. But, much like Quint's ultimate fate..."no."

As soon as I got inside the park, this Globe photographer started snapping shots of me and asked my name. Didn't see myself on their web site, but I'll keep watching.

More Opening Day pics tomorrow night.

Jere, I'll keep an eye out for your mug on the Globe website. Things (Lester & Bard) were off yesterday and it will be very nice to erase that loss with a Saturday victory. I'll have to split my time between the Sox and UCONN in the Final Four, though. More fun for me...I hope.
Hey we'll be at Humperdink's before the game at 3pm today!!! I'm here and so are quite a few of the Red Sox Nation Govn'rs!!
Sorry, I'm already on the way home. Was just in Texas for the Houston game and Opening Day.

In Chattanooga now!

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