Tuesday, February 01, 2011

More Picture Fun

More of my NYC pics from a few days ago. Here's an apocalyptic shot of St. Patrick's Cathedral with Atlas in the foreground.

I was really getting pics of St. Pat's because I liked how the snow was built up on it.

More snowy pointy things.

Okay, back downtown, here are the shots I took from the other side of the Winter Garden, next to Ground Zero.

The Jersey City, New Jersey skyline across the river.

I've decided this bird represents "liberty," and the lightpost along with it forms a "statue," so I've titled it "The Statue of Liberty." Behind it, The Statue of Liberty.

More TSOL action.

The ducks didn't mind the snow, and they even swam in the icy water.

No skateboarding on the snow....

I effed with this pic to make the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge visible.

And now back uptown, James Cagney Place, my favorite street in NYC--because no cars are allowed, and you can sled down it. (Or play snow football, as these rare non-texting teens are doing.)


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