Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Space Man Vs. The Ged Man

When I found out Bill Lee would be pitching for the Brockton Rox of the Can-Am League, I immediately got tickets for me and Kim. Bonus: The Rox would be playing the Worcester Tornadoes--Rich Gedman's team! Above, The Spaceman chats with fans from the bullpen before the game.

I got that shot from the left field warning track, because they allowed us to play catch before the game in the outfield. (Kim and I had a hard ball but used the tennis ball they gave us, with the mysterious letters "ET" on it.) I guess Rocky Marciano and Marvelous Marvin Hagler are from Brockton.

On the field at Brockton on a sunburny day.

Now at our $9.50 seats, watching Bill stretch in the outfield.

Rich Gedman in the vistors' dugout.

Geddy exchanges lineup cards with the Rox dude. Oh, and as I was entering the field earlier, Rich himself was entering from behind me (coming from that same spot in the stands for some reason), and he practically knocked me out of the way as I stood there waiting for the Slow Family in front of me to go so I could get my tennis ball! It was pretty funny....

This club has a 7-woman cheerleading squad, and the players actually take the field one-by-one as they're introduced, running through them. Bill Lee was brought out via automobile.

Another Gedman shot. I see he's still coaching third for this team he manages--just like when Pat, Brian, Chan and I saw them at Waconah Park around 2003.

Lee on the field.

First pitch of the game, Bill throws the Leephus. Guy whacks it into left for a single.

What's this "22" pin on Geddy's hat?

The "Rox" like you to make noise, which they call "thunder," and seem to have a "kangaroo" as a mascot. Anybody have any clue here?

Spaceman on the hill. He gave up a solo homer, but that was it until the fifth, when he gave up the game-tying run with two outs. The Rox then got the lead back in bottom 5, but Bill wasn't done, pitching into the 6th.

He also batted! Here he is after making an out. He made contact three times but was thrown out at first each time.

Bill got the WIN, and even made some Tornadoes look foolish up there. And the crowd loved him. You can tell he has a little trouble running--but no way in hell is that gonna stop him from playing ball.

Minor league ball is supposed to be cheesy, with the wacky races, hipster doofus emcees, and family-friendly carnival atmosphere. I know that going in. But I wish for once they'd just can it with that shit and let the real entertainer hold court. Yes, they announced Bill Lee's name with fanfare a thousand times--they knew who the crowd was there for (they even had to start the game 15 minutes late to accommodate the extra fans)--but how cool would it have been to at least get to hear Bill's banter as he walked off the field before starting the blaring dance music? George Carlin used to say how people wore headphones all the time because they're afraid of their own thoughts. Why can't the sounds of a baseball game be enough? I'm referring to all parks, major, minor, and independent leagues. Ask a hundred baseball fans what they'd rather hear between innings, that "Everybody Dance Now" song for the millionth time, or the sound of ball hitting glove as the pitcher warms up. I guarantee that of the 10 who didn't miss your question because they were too busy texting meaningless garbage to nobody, at least 7 would choose against C&C Music Factory. Though I still feel bad for that Martha Wash.

As for the Red Sox ticket I couldn't use because of this event? Sweet Geddy Lee did I make the right choice....

[Thanks to Joy of Sox for making me aware of Lee pitching for Brockton.]

Oh and Rick Asadoorian came in to pitch for the Tornadoes at the end. Crazy that he's still around. Then again, BILL LEE pitched in the same game so maybe it's not so unbelievable....
Great pics, Jere. I'll be putting up a post today about the Spaceman and I'll link this post to it. I can only think that Geddy wore a "22" pin for Clemens, although he wore 21 with the Sox...
Thanks. Could that really be? I know they were friends and stuff but...a pin? Really? I feel like if that really was it, Lee woulda gone over there and pulled it right off, haha.
What a fantastic story and experience. I adore the Spaceman! And I love minor league ball. Of course it's all I have most of the time, but still, the atmosphere and coziness of it are great.
And then, every so often a chance like this pops up and it's even cooler - seeing the ML caliber players, and the occasional legend, in that kind of setting. Much like me getting to see Dice last year at Ernie Shore field. 8 seats in the row directly behind his dugout, within arm's reach of the steps to the field, for less than $75. That's about 1 decent outfield seat in a ML park.
Well maybe 2 at Fenway including fees. But I get your point.
Can Theo sign Lee to start on October 3 against the MFY?
I used to go to a lot of Can-Am games. One of the most memorable baseball games I've ever been to was a Brockton Rox/Nashua Pride game in New Hampshire. The park was tiny, but beautiful.

The noise and ballyhoo doesn't really bother me.

Glad you guys had a good time. I didn't know they were still playing this late.

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