Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brief Blowout Gallery

My view last night. Beautiful, but just to the right of this, a giant pole. I was literally in "that seat," John D. Pole as the fan in front of me. However, I had a perfect view of the entire infield (which is why the ticket wasn't marked obstructed)--just had a big blind spot in the shallow outfield. But with the aisle on my left and Kim on my right, I could move to either side for extra seeing.

Jamie Moyer, with the stirrups. We would tattoo the Monster against him, all the hits going right out in front of me.

Friend of my co-worker friend who knows everyone, Rhode Islander Davey Lopes.

Again, the pole was just off to the left of this view--but I'd rather see the entire infield, it really wasn't bad, especially for $30 and free parking (got a non-meter, free spot on Mass. Ave in zero seconds searching-time!)

Papi goofin' around with somebody.

This tells the story. Easy win, great night. I got there right from work and knew I'd miss all of BP, so just these few pictures... and, let's see..oh, at one point I ended up behind home plate at that new food stand, and these fans were having a back-and-forth, with this drunk Philly guy getting pissed, and as I walked between them one way, Tom Werner and his wife/girlfriend walked by the other way... Kim had to leave early (she met me up there since she had to go to Boston for something else), so she got to see the exact innings when the runs scored, perfect set-up for I headed to my car I walked through the crowd getting out of the Boston Pops in teir suits and gowns and stuff...weird....


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