Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day At Fenway Gallery

Red Sox vs. Yanks. We speet on you!

Took my mom to the Mother's Night game at Fenway. Papelbon was all wrapped up in the cold.

Pink ribbon on The Wall.

A picture that does not capture how cold and windy it was that night.

Everybody had pink stuff on, of course. Here's Rivera.

Yes, it's Mother's Day, in case you've forgotten.

We spent the time between BP and game in the Yawkey Way Store. As I already told you, cult-fave and background of the banner atop this blog Rich Gedman was in Autograph Alley, which moved over to the store last year.

Back in the park, we noticed there's now a plaque by those two old tanks at the 3rd Base Deck (now named after a shady memorabilia dealer) which first appeared in April '07. They've also cleaned up the tanks since then. But right next to those, in the stairway, were these giant old wooden doors on the wall (shown above). What's the deal with these?

There's also a crazy new catwalk! It leads from Gate A where the old Autograph Alley was, to a point above Gate D, and then up to the back of the grandstand behind home plate. Above, you're looking from third toward home. More pics of it below.

Looking back toward third. On the right is the Brookline Ave. Grille. In front of you is that ramp you're forced to go down when you enter Gate A and turn right. (There's also another new staircase that brings you straight down in front of you when entering there, so you don't need to go down the ramp.)

Now looking up toward first from that same spot. You can see that high-class beer area. If you turn a little to the right.... see the ramp gong over that area. So this is over Gate D, which you can see if you look off the right side of this catwalk. At the end of the walk, you go up stairs, pass the new bathrooms, and end up just to the first base side of the big new food area atop the grandstand behind home plate. I think you really have to see this in person.

This is at that food area, facing Yawkey Way. You'll notice the back of big "FP" curtains over the openings in that side of the park.

These guys were pulling them down since it was so cold. I'm sure this must affect the flight of batted balls!

Here's the foward-facing side of the FP curtains.

Okay, we're back in our 9th row bleacher seats for first pitch. The wind is blowing right in our face.

Everybody's bundled up.

Another shot of the Monster and the sky, which also got the "wear pink" memo.

Even Wally brought his mom to the game.

If you can't read it, her mom's a Yankee fan so she left her at home.

Dustin went to high socks starting with this game. At least I don't think he had them the day before...

Kicking butt early.

Girardi tossed. Shortly after he gave up on the cold (as did some Yankee fan morons who got themselves ejected in the second inning), so did we, as we headed for the area behind third base where it was warm. The plan was to stay in that SRO area and scout out better seats, since we knew people would leave early--school night + late game + freezing + blowout = awesome seats for us.

So here we are over there--and check it out, TVs on the poles over there, which are even more helpful for people sitting behind poles.

Was the ump mic'd up for ESPN? I don't know what else this guy could be doing to him.

Wally and Momma Monster in the front row.

Finally, we're in the good seats. Here's Victor with pink.

Bill Hall with lots o' pink.

Youk with pink bat.

Wake on the mound in relief. He doesn't wanna be a pi-rate! Don't worry Wake, you're a key piece of the '10 puzzle. The Exec behind him with pinkness.

We won, 9-3. I was hoping someone would flip my mom a ball for Mother's Day, and the red-haired 40-year old bat boy gave a lot out, but none went to her.

We stayed till the very end this time, despite the chill.

On the way out, a new area being made. This is if you come in Gate B and go left. That is a pretty nothin' area. We'll see what it becomes. Good night.

...3rd Base Deck (now named after a shady memorabilia dealer)

Ha, I saw that they had named it that on Opening Day, and my first thought was Jere's gonna be pissed!

(FWIW, I think the plaques were on those tanks last year, as well as the ones at the base of the ramp by Gate A.)

Great pics! thanks for sharing.
Sure. And I can buy that about the plaque.

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