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Legends Classic: Hockey At Fenway 1/2/10 Photo Gallery

[Bonus pic added! I can't believe I forgot to include this shot of Bobby Farrelly with his double-beer-ear goalie mask! Original post begins below this picture.]

I don't blame Kim for bailing on this one, as they were forecasting an all-day snowstorm for the whole area. But they said the snow would be light, so I figured I'd make it--besides, I really wanted to see a snowy hockey game at Fenway (and Andy Dufresne and the main "Lost Boy"), and this was my chance.

Parked at 12:30 at a four-hour meter. Game was at 2, and since I didn't plan on staying for the whole game, it was perfect. Too bad I had to pay the sixteen quarters, though, on the day between New Year's Day and a Sunday. Who knows, maybe the cops weren't ticketing anyway, but I trust Boston cops about as much as I do that guy in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang who went around offering ice cream and lollipops for free. Treacle Tarts! Above, the Ted statue in the snow.

The Winter Classic truck. So this dude and his kid near me as I waited for the gates to open mentioned he needed ONE ticket, which I had. I was happy to give him my extra for face. I said to him, "I heard you say you needed one so I had to say something," and he goes, "that's why I said it out loud..."

Inside Fenway, snow piled up by a walkway.

And there's the rink at right.

Snowy seats out in right field.

Got to do a little "first man on the moon" action in the RF grandstand. This is under cover but the wind put snow in the first few rows of the GS.

Surreal to see a hockey rink on the Fenway field.

The Monster behind the rink.

Looks like someone brought their own cushions for yesterday's Winter Classic and left them. Don't know why they would have thought there'd be snow in the back row.

I walked around and got shots from everywhere except for the bleachers.

Retired numbers of Red Sox and Bruins.

More snowy seats.

The rink.

See icicle, top right.

Looking out onto Yawkey Way.

The Wall.

The rink again. Gates opened at 1:00 so I had an hour to walk around.

As I walked toward the Jordan's Deck, I looked left into that raised ofice/suite/whatever, I caught Larry Lucchino blowing his nose.

A new row just for this game: 16A.

Rink again.

Snowy Lansdowne Street. It was pretty much snowing all day, though you can't tell in some shots.

Another pile of it by the steps to the Monster.

Another Monster shot.

Left field corner. The warning track was covered by that white surface.

Snow on the outfield. There was also a smaller rink out there which kids were playing on.

I was surprised so many people wore Bruins gear. I figured they'd wear it yesterday, and then today...I don't know what I thought. I guess it makes sense now.

One more shot from over here before heading upstairs.

Went all the way over to right field to get to the roof, and found out I couldn't even go to the roof boxes, let alone the pavilion level.

But I did get a few shots from up high.

Including this booth.

Suddenly players came out onto the ice for the pre-game skate so I rushed down there. There still wasn't a huge crowd at that point, so it was no problem finding spots in the field boxes. Here's Wally at rinkside.

Denis Leary in the pre.

Left side of that auxiliary scoreboard: my left sideburn, left edge of glasses, left side of hoods, Schott NYC logo on left side of coat, and left hand holding camera. Had I leaned left instead of right, I would have caught myself on there.

Andy Dufresne! (They actually mentioned Andy during his official intro.) Wearing Nuke LaLoosh's #37!

More Tim Robbins action.

Leary on the ice.

I was in great position to get shots of them coming off the ice, then going back on. Here's Kiefer Sutherland.

Tim Robbins honestly having a great time.

Close-up of Robbins, still in awe.

So now they're coming out one by one for intros. After they went in, some people went back to their real seats, so I was in hte second row, with a view into the dugout. Here's Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys.

I had no idea Tom Werner would be in this game. Or that he could skate.

David about to leave the safety of the vampire hotel. [Note to people reading this years from now: This vampire reference has nothing to do with the current, shitty vampire craze. I've always made Lost Boys references. I even counted the Michaels! So screw you for judgin' me, Future Boy.]

And since the sun wasn't out, his skin didn't burn.

Tim Robbins walks onto the field. Then ice.

Hockey guy or whatever Cam Neely. Is this the dude from that ESPN commercial where he says, "Wanna kick my dog, too?" Obviously I know nothing about hockey. In fact, if any of you are fans of the hockey dudes at this game, let me know and I'll sed you any pics I have of them. If I can figure out who's who.

My hands were so freakin' cold. I could barely press the button on my camera while getting those shots by the dugout. So when the intros ended, I headed for the back, where there were plenty of warm spots. Here's the game from the third base side.

Ken Casey laughingly took this guy down.

And left him in the ice dust.

And he's the What the Ess?

A shot to show the snow falling.

Denis Leary and "guy who's name I heard a lot growing up in the 80s in the NY-area and who I'm pretty sure my Yankee fan friends hated because he was on the Islanders," Pat LaFontaine.

The rink from another angle.

The center-ice view.

Tim Robbins on the ice.

And finally, the actors who played two of my favorite movie characters in one frame.

Terrific pics. I like how you made some kid's day.
What kind of camera do you use? I've been reading up on cameras. Just wondering if you are in the land of DSLR.

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