Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Blog That Never Mentioned The Lowell Trade Because It Never Was Official Presents...

Snow pics!

15 inches in Providence and still coming down.

22" in Alexandria, VA and no longer coming down...
your pics remind me how happy I am to live in San Francisco

Jere, we here in Connecticut received wildly different snow amounts. The northwestern hills ended up with 1-3 inches!! We here in (north) central Connecticut now have 6-8 inches of the fluffy white stuff. But the bull's eye was near you, in southeastern Connecticut. They received 20 plus inches. I wanted more but I know that the white stuff looks good, at least for a day before yellow and brown take over. As for it being good snowball snow? No way!

Hi to Kim and holiday wishes to you and yours. How much snow did your Mom get in New Haven? I guess I can look it up.

OK, have to run...your pics were great. Pete
My mom was in NYC. I asked both her and Chan to take pics. Chan has already come through with a whole set of 'em which I should link to...

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