Monday, September 21, 2009

WaterFire 9/19/09 Pix

All pics by me, at Saturday's WaterFire in Providence. Above, Kim's shoes. Click to enlar'.

Let me guess, Anonymous, I know nothing about photography, Photoshop, Providence, pyrotechnics, or alliteration, and you came here for Red Sox stuff, so I should stick to what I know?

Bonus pic: A plate I made in 1981. The deal was that I did my drawing of myself, and the teacher said I should fill in the white space around me, so I just drew a bunch of lines and shapes. Did I show you this before? Either way, my mom dug it up and gave it to me, so I'm once again eating off it. Calzones!

Plus, on this plate, you have the wicked big hand deformity like Dave Grohl in the "Everlong" bonus points for that...
Yeah, I still have trouble drawing hands, specifically thumbs.....
That plate is a stardust fantasy. It makes Storyland in New Hampshire look like a landfill.

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