Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sox 7, O's 5

No, this wasn't my real seat. But after the three-run seventh that make it 7-4 us, a bunch of richer folks headed home on this school night. More pics from the good seats below. Click to fun-ify.

Hadn't been to Fenway in a while--I had tix to at least three August games that I couldn't go to. Since I've been gone: Some new signage went up, the bullpen guys don't walk out to that pirate song any more, and there are like ten guys I hadn't seen in a Sox uniform live before. Above, the Kap'n (Jeremy Kapstein) and Cap'n Kirk (William Shatner aka the Orioles' manager).

Some bear was on the field. I also saw a Nutcracker.

Alex Gonzalez. Back and somehow even awesomer than before!!!!!!

Another new but old Red Sox, the man whose name is a fitting mix between "pall bearer" and "all bored," Paul Byrd. He pitched well and left in position to get a W.

Another new Red Sox alert: Joey Gathright.

And another new one: Billy "Hey Mommy" Wagner.

At one point on 09/09/09, the Red Sox, 9 games out, and the Orioles had 9 hits apiece.

Yes, it's yet another Red Sox player I was taking my first picture of, Victor Martinez. Before I could take another, he (pinch) hit the first pitch he saw for a tie-breaking, three-run double. So I had been up in this standing room spot, with really inoffensive people around me. A newly engaged couple who were co-scorekeeping--she was still learning but picking up on stuff fast. I told her tonight would be the only time she'd ever score a Mike Lowell steal. Also, the guy knew his baseball, which is getting rarer and rarer these days. The guy to the right of me with his kids knew a little less, but they were fine, too. And one of the kids had a Whalers Starter jacket on. I just don't like being surrounded by drunk assholes, but they usually find me in any crowd. Oh and the guys to the left were Japanese, and were also un-obnoxious. And for this undesirable game, the standing room crowd was really only one deep, so no one behind me. One of the best "surrounding fans" nights ever. Oh, and I chose that spot since it was out of the wind, and it worked. Never even went to my jacket--it stayed in the pen (tied around my waist, aka Ninety-One-in' It) all night.

But still, I left them as soon as I knew I'd get a good seat down close. Here's Bard.

Considering how often we play the Orioles, you'd think I'd have more pics of Brian Roberts, yet I feel like I never see the guy in person...


Youk tying his shoe.

"You want a piece of me???"-- Allan Wood

Tito after bringing in Papelbon for the four-out save.

Dustin with no beard or eye black.

Moon over Fenway.

Youk's crazy bat-holdings.

Fenway on a September night from the field boxes. (That's Cla pitching to Bay. Meredith is doing his "Billy Crystal imitating old baseball films" routine.)

Dusty Brown has flipped me a ball at the last two baseball games I've been to. Except this one.

The moon IN the light tower! I don't know why my camera decided to capture the individual lights so clearly, which helped this photo out immensely.

Probably my favorite non-Sox player, Nick "What Drew Should Be" Markakis.

Papelbon. And below, Papelbon again. Good night. Oh and happy birthday to my sister, but she probably doesn't read this crap.

No pictures of the CF bleachers? We got married pre-game in the CF triangle, on the edge of the warning track, and our seats were in the front row of CF, right next to the camera guys. Would love a shot from your vantage point.
I've got something....

I'm gonna do a new post about this. In the meantime, let me know how to contact you....thanks.

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