Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Rice Day Ruined

Everything was so perfect. The lack of traffic, the great parking spot, the empty seats right in front of the Rice ceremony with all those stars of the past, meeting the crew from the Joy of Sox board, the Yankee loss, the Red Sox late lead....and then a crap-storm washed it all away at the very end. That loss seemed worse than the 10-1 blown lead against the Orioles. Maybe this will just have to be the year when we had a lot of ridiculous losses but overcame it all. More on all this Wednesday night along with full photo gallery, but for now, just a few Rice pics. Like I said, I got a great spot, so I got some great shots.

You were asking about why Ortiz was lifted: Amalie Benjamin said on Twitter that his daughter was taken to the hospital for "precautionary reasons", so he left the game to go be with her.
Excellent, excellent pictures.

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