Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twins At Sox, 4/22/2009

Doubleheader, game two. Took two hours to get up there, but found a (free) spot right away, around 6:30. Ran in, got my pizza slice, and headed for the Monster Seats. Asked the guy at the stairway if they're gonna start on time. "They just took the tarp off!" ... "And then they put it on again." So this game wouldn't start until 7:55. Above, the new HoB across Lansdowne.

Rainy bleachers from atop the Monster.

Nick Green, in green, through the drops. The team wore the same green jerseys from St. Patrick's Day for this game, to celebrate Earth Day. (So the shamrock on one sleeve was highly unnecessary...)

The thing that holds the tarp.

Rainy Fenway, a common sight for me.

I briefly took a walk behind home plate--the seats are the same as always. It just seems like the fans back there sit in missing man formation, with Kapstein usually out.

Rain coming off tarp as it's removed.

A tarp hill, one of my favorite things in baseball.

Rain on the Monster.

More tarp fun.

Yeah, you've seen this shot before.

When I went back to the Monster Seats before the game was about to start, I went right to the first section--and the whole front row was empty. I wiped down the first seat and the shelf (this whole process takes about ten napkins) and sat down. The row stayed empty for along time. Slowly it filled in, but only to the point where I still had two empty seats next to me until the ninth inning. Again, I only had a $30 standing room ticket, but sat in a hundred-something dollar seat the whole game. The rain helped in this case. But the rain held off until the end of the game--I only had to drive home in it.

Jeff Bailey, who was just called up.

Wally in his rain gear.

The Green Sox during the anthem.

Dave Roberts had been there the night before to throw out the first pitch. After that game was called off, I hoped I'd get Dave in my night game as opposed to the day game. I got him. A huge ovation for Dave, of course, and Tito caught his pitch and gave him a big hug. (I also saw Dave when he came back to Fenway with the Giants.)

Dave and Tito.


Thunder Bay.

Brad Penny's first pitch. Game time temp: 49 degrees. I did a lot of shivering, but I was shielded from the wind.

Jeff Bailey has just hit a three-run dong.

Raindrop on the Fisk Pole.

Ol' reliable, aka my camera bag, on the shelf. Yes, I've sat in this same seat before and taken the same picture....

Papi gets to third.

Papi on third.

Twins pitcher Liriano.

Signs right below Fisk Pole. (People write on it anyway. One guy came down and kissed it during the game.)

Jeff Bailey through the pole.

Ronnie gettin' pissed after both teams were warned.

Jacoby and Bay below me.

Papelbon got the save in a 7-3 win. Game one was 10-1 in seven innings. I have the getaway down, though you never know when new challenges will arise--like the fact that my entrance to Storrow is currently closed. The one feature I could add is to bring a skateboard and pull a Marty McFly on a bus to get to the car faster.

Great pics. "Raindrops on the Fisk Pole" is my favorite.

I went, too, though I haven't had time to post any pics yet and they're nowhere near as nice as yours. But LOL, I was going for the Nick-Green-wearing-green shot too.
Hey! I was just looking at your pics from Sunday, since I was there too, and when I finished, I checked my mail, and there was your comment. Glad you liked the pics. My camera was giving me a hard time as I tried to get that raindrop shot but I got something close to my, uh, vision.
Jere, I'm extremely jealous of your seat and your pictures! Can't wait to get there myself next month.
In The History Of The NY/SF Giants, dating from 1882 until now, the Original Name of The Giants was Green Sox, Then Gothams, Then Giants:

Nice N E S N Pic of You.

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