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Second MLB Game Ever At Citi Field (Part 1: Pre-Game)

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On the subway to Citi Field for the Red Sox-Mets exhibition game, Saturday, April 4th, 2009. I like how you see the graffiti in Queens with the Manhattan skyline across the river in the background, as the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building point out 34th Street and 42 Street. (Nice tribute to Frosty Freeze, too.)

Citi Field from the subway platform.

Another shot of Citi Field--the outside of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. It was hold-your-hat windy, making it even less comfortable than it was the night before at Yankee Stadium.

The third base side of Citi Field. The spot where Shea Stadium stood is to the right.

Like with Shea, one gate (left field) opens 2.5 hours before games. We went straight to it, and were the first ones in--it was me and two of my Yankee fan friends again, Chan and Jim, with Mighty Quinn arriving a little later.

Inside Citi Field. Immediately, we all liked the look of it better than the new Yankee Stadium.

Looking down the aisle at the field--don't know why all the seats are puke green, but, whatever.

I went right down to the field--unlike YS, they allowed it. Looked over at the dugout, and there was Tito. It's about 10:30 AM.

Better shot of Terry.

Left field foul pole and fancy glassed-in section.

Left field.

Another field shot from the left field seats. I love how almost every home run ball will be caught by a fan--you have to leave room for a batter's eye and bullpens, but other than that, there are seats all along the outfield fences. The opposite of Shea.

Another outfield shot.

Looking into the left field corner.

Looking toward center from the left field seats.

Shake Shack and the old skyline from Shea, out beyond center field.

The right field corner.

Looking toward center.

Right field is weird...I like it.

Looking toward center again.

Now the Sox are taking BP, so I'm back at the dugout. Above, Dustin Pedroia--he was buddying up with Rocco, who seems to be about twice as tall as Dustin.

Russian dance?

Mikey Lowell!

Masterson, my favorite 2009 Red Sock, does something weird. At right, Beckett.

So psyched to see Cora. Here he is with Big Papi.

Another Papi shot.

View of right field from top of third base dugout.

Julio Lugo flips the double European bird.

Youk checking out the new place.

Tito was smiling at something....

Then he told Dustin and Jacoby about it.

The Sox on the field at Citi.

Youkilis rounds third.

Papi's about to flip a ball to a fan, and after he does...

...he gets scolded by "supervisor"! He laughs it off (what with the whole "ability to buy and sell the man" thing).

Rocco Baldelli, and the new apple. You'll see the old apple in part 2.

Jon Papelbon.

Chris Carter.

Youk says hi.

Jon Wicked Lester holding a ball bucket.

High numbers = high comedy. Kinda. Not really.

First "Tek goes to bullpen" shot of 2009.

Papelbon again.

The back of the Citi Field sign from inside--we're now walking around the park as BP is over.

In the food court behind the plate, a woman with a Phillies jersey--dangerous move.

View from right field.

Now at our seats--beyond left field is the Whitestone Bridge. Or the Throgsneck. They look the same. You tell me.

Seats behind home and first.

The scoreboard sign, with token plane landing beyond it. The game's about to start now--and I'll save those pics for part 2. And I'll talk more about the place. I'll just tell you we ended up in some pretty sweet seats.

Twelve hours till (real) Red Sox baseball! Unless it's snowed out....

Possible explanation for the puke-green seats:

"I love neutral seating colors like that," said Drew, looking at the dark green seats. "They did a great job. For a player, that's what you want. You can see the ball off the bat. Same thing when you're at the plate."
Did he consider there might be PEOPLE in the seats?
Honestly, I've never seen puke that color, but I've seen a lot of pine trees that color. I would call it "pine green"... and besides, it's plastic. Feels the same to my rear end no matter what color it is. Now if they actually FEEL like puke, that's a different story; if that's what you were trying to say, I missed the Goldilocks seat review.

I don't see much of a difference between the color of these citifield seats and the color of the Fenway seats I can see on my screen right now... (the arsffpt bleacher stairs photo)
"Puke" Green was the color of the Seats in The Polo Grounds:

"Puke" Green used to be the color, until the '66 Season in Yankee Stadium(Toilet)I;

The RF Overhang, pays tribute to Old Tiger Stadium and The Polo Grounds;

Closeness of Field Seats quite similar to Fenway Park;

Shea Stadium was NEVER this nice.
Didn't I say "but, whatever" after I mentioned seat color? Yes.

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