Monday, March 09, 2009

New Yankee Stadium, 3/8/2009

Here's the new Yankee Stadium. This is the side facing the old stadium, which has the plaza-esque area, which is basically a wide sidewalk. For some reason I thought there'd be more space around the stadium. There are three main gates, called 2, 4, and 6. This one is down the right field line. Click each to enlarge.

A worker inside, with the left field foul pole behind him. (At right, the bleachers, which seem to be benches as opposed to seats.)

Turning around from that same spot, looking across the wide sidewalk and 161st St., there's the old Stadium, with right field foul pole visible.

Looking into the "great hall" inside the new park. Looks like it'll be pretty nice in there.

Look at this crazy, robotic turnstile. Look closely and see the laser-cutting...material?

In front of the main gate, 4, behind home plate. So this is basically the main entrance. And as you can see, there's a road right there. I really don't know where people are going to line up. Or park for that matter. There's a big garage behind left field, but that isn't gonna cover it. I guess the whole idea here is to have people get in to the great hall area on the inside, and mill about there. If you look at aerial shots, you see it's basically a modern stadium with a big hall built around it.

And here's that main entrance, which you've seen a lot by now. The blue letters that say Yankee Stadium which stick up behind this sign aren't visible from down here. (And, therefore, anywhere. Unless you're in a plane, I guess.)

Close-up of the Y. What's up with the grout work? That Y looks messed up.

Looking straight up at it.

Looking through the doors of the main entrance.

I think this is the original seal from the old, old stadium.

Looking to the right from outside the main entrance, it's the old Stadium and the Empire State Building.

At left, main gate. Background, old Yankee Stadium. At far right, Empire State Building, Citibank building, spire of Chrysler Building, all barely visible.

New and old again.

Close-up of the base of New Yankee Stadium.

Looking into one of the fancy rooms on the third base side.

Looking along the third base line, out toward left field. As you can see, the road runs right along the side of the stadium.

So you're saying Ruth and DiMaggio liked to drink?

Now out in the left field corner at the third of the three main gates, Gate 2. You can see loose wires hanging down.

A peek inside, looking back toward home plate.

And looking straight ahead from that same spot, into left field.

There are offices out here, and a guy in there actually opened the door and asked me if I wanted to come in there and take pictures. I figured that was nice enough of him, and I didn't push it by asking to go inside to the seats. So I got this shot in from inside the office.

And also this one. I wonder if these panels flip to reveal another pic, or if they just act like blinds or something. Maybe Hank and Hal each have a giant office behind each of these pictures and peer through at you.

Looking back toward home from left field. See how there's not a lot of room outside the park here?

Turning a little to the left from that spot, the windows to the offices I'd just been in, and the loading docks. That big white thing is the back of the outfield section, so, it would be the back of the left field bleachers. You can see the frieze above it.

Now I'm out beyond right center field. You can see the top corner of the right field upper deck. And the street at left, if you keep walking, you go along right field, then across 161st Street, then along the bleachers of the old Stadium.

The other stick-up Yankee Stadium sign in dead center, from behind.

You can see the frieze at the top corner of the left field upper deck.

Again from that same spot, looking from center to right along River Avenue, with the train tracks above. (The same ones that go behind the outfield of the old Stadium.

Now I'm back to where I started. The flag is still flying at the old place, behind the frieze, with the corner of the new place at right.

View of the Stadium from my car parked underneath the tracks.

These are the first and therefore the best pictures I've seen of the new park. Are you going this season? I might go with my brother, a NYY fan.
Thanks. I'm trying to go to that Cubs game, since it's 1923 prices. When their regular season tix go on sale, I'll probably try for a Sox game. If not, I'll get a random preferably day game just to see the inside.
Thanks for the tour! I feel like I've been there myself now!
No problem.

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